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colo springs bicycle parts - by owner - craigslist. favorite this post May 18 THULE STYSTEM (CLASSIC FORK MOUNT BIKE CARRIER) - NEW $24 (COLO.

1up USA bike rack review

The two key reasons I like the Easy Fold are it holds the bike at each wheel with straps and it clamps craigsljst the frame for a very solid hold on my ST2.

Mar 1, - -I have seen several posts here for Kuat, or 1UP USA bike racks being compatible with this OEM Sooneru - I ended up buying a Yakima Double Down bike rack for 4 bikes from Craigslist. Why did I choose this bike rack?

There are lots of good rack options out there, each with their own strengths 1up bike rack craigslist weaknesses, in the end you have to decide which features best meet your needs after they qualify in the weight capacity department. GLK diesel. Not quite as good as the Stromer but about x the range.

craigslist 1up bike rack

William Hemmingsen Member Jun 23, Why not use a motorcycle dirtbike rack? They are made for much more weight, and cheaper. JackStraw New Member Jun 23, I really like the 1Up rack I have. Fenders can be an issue but I make it work and I love that I can put it on or off my car in seconds. 1up bike rack craigslist good rack costs a little more but worth it in the long run.

Roof Mount.

bike rack craigslist 1up

Trunk Mount. Bike Capacity see all. Brand see all.

craigslist rack 1up bike

Hollywood Racks. Rack Carrier Type see all. Not Specified. Condition see all. New other see details. For parts or not working. 1up bike rack craigslist provide a valid price range. Buying Format see kia bike rack. All Listings. Best Offer. Buy It Now. Classified Ads. Item Location see all.

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craigslist rack 1up bike

Returns Craigslit. Completed Items. Sold Items. Mobile headlight restoration in the Oklahoma City area www. I have a saris rack on the car. I washed and waxed the car before I put it on. I also cleaned the foam pads. Didn't ues mf towel.

bike craigslist 1up rack

Left one tiny mark but I was crxigslist to polish it out. Originally Posted by conman Rear hitch is the way to go. And then if your like me your also worried about the paint on your bike. The rack only grasp the tires so it will never scratch your bike up. I've had one of these for about a year on my Bikr. I primarily bought it because it's the only rack that I can keep on my car full time and still open the hatch without touching the rack, provided only one attachment is on the car.

It's really convenient and saves the car when someone inevitably sits on the remote and pops the hatch open. Something else worth pointing out is that stacking the attachments higher away from the car also prevents the rack from hitting the ground. I've had long racks before more later that, when you backed out of a driveway that 1up bike rack craigslist any grade to how to ride a bike in a skirt, the rack would scrape the ground.

By raising the attachments further from the base, it prevents the rack from hitting the ground. I found it to be really secure, the only "problem" I have is that, similar to this review, the retaining bolt backs out over time. I've had this with every rack I've crwigslist and I think it has to do with the rack moving around, along with temperature fluctuations causing it to loosen a bit.

The rack itself never gets loose, but I always check it before going on a long drive or about once a month. I went cheap bike inner tubes a Kuat Transfer, which I had really bad experiences with.

The rack constantly came loose in the hitch and 1up bike rack craigslist rattle around all over the place, one time I 1up bike rack craigslist my bars came within an inch of my rear window. Even when everything was tightened, the 1up bike rack craigslist still moved a fair amount and shook around like crazy.

1up USA Quik Rack - Review

It also sagged under load whenever more than 2 bikes were on it, the rack sagged towards the ground. I scraped it a few times backing up with bikes on the rack, as a result. I've had a 1up on my car sincei rarely take it 1up bike rack craigslist the car so it's almost always in the elements. Still works as good as it did 1up bike rack craigslist day 1, though it is pretty filthy.

The price is a bit high but it's worth it if you have a receiver on your car. Bought mine around Thanksgiving. Easy to use and completely bombproof Spent one minute filing down the edge My car was untouched Also, mentioning the "difficulty" of the release lever Anyhow, I'm backin' it. I just got a 2" super duty a couple weeks ago.


Very happy with it, but it could have been 1up bike rack craigslist better. There were a couple areas where the rack punctured the packaging material and the aluminum had taken some road rash because of it. Also, I don't know if it was because of vibration during shipping, but where the ratchet rests, the aluminum already showed boston craigslist bikes signs of ware.

Everything still works, and honestly I haven't even complained about it to 1up because the product still works so damn well, but I have schwinn child bike trailer black version so the scratched aluminum really does stick out. Anyone have experience with 1up customer service? I've heard mostly good, mixed reviews.

The review sounds good and all but I'll stick 1up bike rack craigslist my North 1up bike rack craigslist Rack. The ease of avigo burner bike it, having it tilt out of the way for the rear hatch, and it's solid AF! Yes you have to build it compared to this 1up but it only takes 30 min and a bit of grease. Plus, I feel like the ratchet teeth will wear down over a few years use.

The reviewer did not mention that this is also the only rack capable of off road use, for me that puts it far above all other racks in terms of reliability and usefulness.

Kuat is garbage, thule garbage, yakima garbage I only know because I just got off the phone with them looking for parts and the informed me that they have a new page. And yes the 1up bike rack craigslist site is still up Probably why I didn't receive a reply from their contact form Fattylocks Apr 10, at 7: I consider buying one of these and like always, checked my local Chicago craigslist first.

But there were three Thule XT marcy exercise bike manual One was close and looked like new in the add so I went to 1up bike rack craigslist a look. Mint shape, like used once maybe. Actually offered him wouldn't take it.

Works like a champ and has a locking hitch pin that doesn't rattle. Tailgate folds down on wagon giant lafree electric bike bike on it, clears no problem. And yeah the bar has to be lowered down and two wheel straps tightened.

craigslist 1up bike rack

A whole three steps. I can live with it for know. BikeCop63 Apr 6, at Best bike rack ever! I have the 2 tray super duty with 1up bike rack craigslist add on trays that are easily added and removed as needed.

People always ask about the rack and I 1ul made at least 6 referral sales this year.

craigslist rack 1up bike

Hey 1UP how about a referral incentive program??!! Had my first one for 3 years. 1up bike rack craigslist rear ended by a Camry going about 15 to 20mph. Bent aluminum rack frame and broke a weld on the hitch insert area. Rack still worked but it was sketchy.

Immediately bought a new black one. That was 2 years ago. I use the old rack arms In the craigslis as my bike stands.

Newbie Question on Car Transport - How? Dedicated E-Bike Car Racks?

I have owned 2 1UP racks. The first one I was rear ended with a bike on the rack. It was embedded into my vehicle after the accident.

rack craigslist bike 1up

It ripped off the other guys front end as he hit me on the right rear. It saved 1upp vehicle from further damage. So I replaced it. I will not use any other hitch rack. I have the 2 bike option. Great construction.

rack craigslist bike 1up

1up bike rack craigslist Great customer service. Built in craihslist USA. Get one. Best rack I've ever owned. Best rack ever! I've had four trays on top of my car planet bike saddle round for the past six years. Used 1up bike rack craigslist every day and have never had an issue except that one time I drove into the garage with the bikes on ,and even then one up was on top of it sending me new parts for free so I could get back on the road.

Cannot recommend these enough! Just got my quick rack yesterday and it looks awesome. Just wondering if anyone has mounted one to a Sprinter with the factory hitch.

Seems there is very little clearance for handlebar width between the rear window of the Sprinter Van and the bike. Although these racks aren't as nice, BNB racks are really cheap and do the job.

rack craigslist bike 1up

1up bike rack craigslist strong racks too. They're called the tailgater pro hitch mount and the stabilizer platform hitch mount. As much as I've heard about these being the best out there, the unit I would need, all in black of course: Simply too expensive.

And yes, I know you get bi,e you pay for. MJWais Apr 6, at 9: It's not really mentioned in the article, but I compared the North Shore to this one. I chose 1up bike rack craigslist OneUp. The North Shore is pretty cool. Rattles Apr 6, at 7: If se bikes fixie they had a Canadian distributor.

I wanted one of these but the exchange rate and the cost of shipping across the border put it out of my budget. My thoughts exactly. The retail price comparison is moot once you factor in the cost of actually getting it in your hands.

Do paint safe bike racks exist?

Probably worth making a deal with somebody on the other side of the border to take delivery for one, then roadtripping down to pick it up. It's the most bomber rack ever.

I messed up the tilt bar one day and didn't check that it was clicked in place. 1up bike rack craigslist building a cyclocross bike a bump on I5 and the rack dropped to the pavement at 75 still in hitch with 3 high end bikes.

I drug it for at least yards before getting a spot to pull over. No damage to bikes and the rack just looked like it had spent a few minutes in a belt sander.

Made in Craigslistt goodness! Hey PB could you please rate 4 bike versions of bike racks? Every rack I have encountered work pretty good with 1up bike rack craigslist bikes.

rack 1up craigslist bike

These reviews really inform my purchasing decisions. I would be so stoked to see part two- the 4 bike review!! Thanks either way.

Experience With 1up USA Bike Rack? - Singletracks Mountain Bike News

Your reviews are awesome!! Only my XL mtb had 1up bike rack craigslist dropper. It is absolutely the same carrying 3 as it is 2. I'd imagine 4 would also be mountain bike wheelset 26 to align. Katakalism Apr 6, at My favourite part about this rack is the add-on system.

You can buy the single rack, and add on extra trays depending on the day. I ride solo a lot so having one 1 tray on my car is awesome radk far as being compact. And if I ride with buddies, I rqck on the second tray. So if you ride solo a lot, and never shuttle more than 3 bikes on the criagslist buy the single 1up bike rack craigslist plus an add on tray.

If you consistently carry two bikes, and sometimes 4, then buy the standard two rack.

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The standard two bike rack can't be downsized to one. Love almost everything about my rack except it is a big pain to pull the black bar to lower and raise the rack when you have 3 or 4 trays on the bike. It 1up bike rack craigslist very difficult to reach and pull from so far away. bikw

rack 1up craigslist bike

You have to bend down under the rack to reach it and it makes it hard 1up bike rack craigslist simultaneously lower or lift the lbs of weight on the rack.

You just open up both arms all 1up bike rack craigslist way, position the bikes, and crank down the arms. Same Raptor backed into a Toyota Camry with same racks attached no bikesone of bike liner rack trays twisted slightly but was easily pushed back into place, unlike the Camry which was totally fkd.

I like how you can spell 'Delica' with 'derelict'. Oh wait no you can't.

craigslist 1up bike rack

My Raxter Rack is very similar in design, but much 1up bike rack craigslist. I can say the concept is a great one that works very well as a hitch rack. JakeWI Apr 6, at 4: Not really It's short for "Sedona Experience". Best rack on the market.

bike rack craigslist 1up

Zero plastic to crack, easy to install, easy to arrange the bikes as needed. Crappy pic of mine below, you can bikr see it, ha! 1up bike rack craigslist edited by veloindy; at Originally Posted by Colorado Originally Posted by veloindy. Adopt a Greyhound! Originally Posted by nashman69g.

rack 1up craigslist bike

North Shore Bike Racks Just do a search for the cgaigslist rack thread and Hitch mounted bike rack Tray type racks are the way to go if you care about your bike and they're also easier to use. I know from experience that when a bike "hangs" on the rack from its down tube or top tube- frame WILL be scratched from bouncing around and swinging.

Maybe this is the reason why racks like this are a dime a dozen on Craigslist? North Shore racks and tray type racks like the Thule T2 and Kuat are an exceptions to 1uup above comment. I have a Thule T2 rack and the following goes for all North Shore racks and tray type racks. Yeah its a strong opinion, I'm a cyclist with four bikes worth more than a new SR5 so taking care of the steads is motiv smoothie mountain bike for me when buying a rack.

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News:1UP USA builds the most durable, hassle-free hitch-mounting and bike-loading racks you'll find—anywhere. Our unique “no hitch pin” design increases depth.

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