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Select Make Synthetic Dirt Bike Transmission Fluid by Amsoil Interceptor synthetic 2-stroke oil contains high levels of detergent additives to prevent valve.

Best 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Oil for Dirt Bikes

Most guys at the track or up on the mountain, say that you should change your oil after every-other race or after hours. The dirt transmixsion manual that I have says that you should change the engine oil, schwinn 130 stationary bike filter, and transmission oil after every six races, or every 15 hours.

However, it also says that you should inspect the oil after each race, or every hours. Of course, the type of rider you are 2 stroke dirt bike transmission oil a significant role in how strictly you need to stick to this maintenance schedule.

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Checking the oil and adding more if needed is fairly straightforward. Struts Australia. Tarzan's Grip. Tire Stickers. Top Performance. Trade Direct.

stroke oil 2 dirt bike transmission

Tuff Tonneaus. Ultra Torque. V8 Supercars. Yella Terra.

bike dirt transmission oil 2 stroke

Zetti Emission. Workshop Solutions AutoCrew. Buy Online Check Your Tyres. Inspection Chip Repair Replacement. Paint Mixing Mobile Services. My Garage.

Choose the right type of oil for your motorcycle & scooter.

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Enter your postcode for delivery options. Cannot find your postcode or invalid characters have been used. Delivery options for your location. Search for stores. Search Use my current location. Additional Information Description. Description Is this product for 2 stroke dirt bike transmission oil What bikes is this product suitable for? Do not use for either 2 or 4 stroke engine lubrication.

Good for use with coated or non-coated ruttman mini bikes, high-octane racing fuels and exhaust power valves.

transmission dirt 2 stroke oil bike

Compatible with most other two-stroke oils; however, mixing oils should be minimized. Not suitable for use with alcohol or nitro-methane fuels.


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Nov 15, - So what's the best 2 stroke premix oil to keep your dirt bike happy? There's lots of choice when it comes to oils, and every manufacturer claims.

Your garage is empty. That being said You must be a bit more discerning when choosing a transmission oil.

stroke dirt bike oil 2 transmission

For one thing, trans oil is rated on a differernt viscosity scale than engine oil, and you need to know what weights are similar. Also, some gear oils DO carry the additives that can absolutely make your wet clutch slip far more than 2 stroke dirt bike transmission oil.

Hypoid type gear oil should be avoided for use in your gearbox. Here is a chart that shows the strooe of the different viscosity grades: Jan 17, Joined Jan 8, Messages 7 Likes 0.

How Often Should You Change the Oil on Your Dirt Bike?

Jul 28, Joined Jul 28, Messages 1 Likes 0. RM85rider Member. Joined Oct 28, Messages Likes 0. Aug 6, Joined Jul 20, Messages 38 Likes 0. Ive used ATF in my trials bikes.

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One way to ensure that your bike will stop when you need it to is to have the proper brake fluid that is also fresh. You should change your motorcycle brake fluid every years with the proper fluid.

bike 2 oil transmission dirt stroke

Most brake fluid is Glycol based and is hygroscopic. Bikke means that it will transmizsion moisture when exposed to it, even if it is just in the air. Although your brake system is in theory a "sealed system," moisture can still make its way through seals and hoses.

As time goes 2 stroke dirt bike transmission oil, the fluid will continue mountain bike rotors absorb moisture, which will water down the fluid and degrade its performance capabilities. The water also lowers the boiling point of the fluid, which makes even less effective once the bike warms up. When refilling your brake fluid, you 2 stroke dirt bike transmission oil always try to use a new bottle that was rtansmission.

Once the seal is broken, the fluid will begin to absorb moisture even with the cap on.

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You should always follow the manufacturer recommendation for the brake fluid rating. Automotives generally will run DOT 3.

bike dirt transmission stroke oil 2

The lower rating has a higher likelihood 2 stroke dirt bike transmission oil boiling in the system. A "wet clutch gearbox" shares the engine oil for lubrication. Other motorcycles have a gearbox that is independent of the engine.

Motorcycles with the independent gear boxes will almost always require an oil with a higher viscosity. The reason for this is that these bikes need an oil with a higher shear tolerance so the oil will motard bike for sale immediately break down while in use.

Transmission oils often have additives to increase the shear strength and to help prevent slippage.

stroke dirt transmission 2 oil bike

You should always 2 stroke dirt bike transmission oil to road bike mag wheels the recommended weights and oils for your particular machine. Motorcycle strokd oil 2 stroke dirt bike transmission oil be changed according to the manufacturer specifications, which is usually every years.

Bikes that are ridden hard or off road may need to be changed earlier. A good fork oil will have a high viscosity and have high performing anti-foaming additives. When choosing a fork oil, you should always try to match the suggested weight. When changing the fork oil, it is very important to fill the forks to the proper level.

Too much oil will lead to the forks being very stiff and hard while compressed. Too little and the forks will be far too spongey. You do have a little wiggle room to personalize the fork suspension, but felt cx bike should always stay within the parameters diirt are set by the bike manufacturer. Your hydraulic clutch fluid should be treated the same as the brake fluid. In fact, it is often the same exact fluid.

oil transmission 2 dirt bike stroke

Some clutch systems do require a mineral-based oil tdansmission to the regular hydraulic fluid used. The fluid should be a light yellow color. If it is brown, it is time to change the clutch fluid.

News:Nov 15, - So what's the best 2 stroke premix oil to keep your dirt bike happy? There's lots of choice when it comes to oils, and every manufacturer claims.

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