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Akira Kaneda's Bike Die-Cast 1/6 Scale Replica: Toys Die-cast Model of Airbus A 16CM ( Scale) in Choice of Airline Liveries.

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Scarlett Johansson will ride a futuristic motorcycle in 'Ghost in the Shell'

The pieces are complete in the original plastic bags, and the instruction booklet is included as well. Used like new, bags are akira bike model sealed Contact us if you bie any questions. Thank you. Box has been opened and so has plastic insert.

Akira bike model toy is brand new. Box shows some shelf wear. This will PX Chogokin. Hot Toys 2. You may also like. The following is a Mcfarlane Toys vehicle.

From the animated movie Akria it is Keneda's Bike. It is in good condition MOC, a liitle curve to card and bie in the bubble.

bike model akira

See all photos for any issues I am trying to remake kanedas clothing since the current attempt sucks. Here is how I would like his clothes biker bar buffalo look. I am going to have one more blast at modelling this and akira bike model I can get it right.

model akira bike

Here are things so far. Here is a wire of the low res and high res. If anyone has any thoughts on this please let me know since Mocel really want to get this right.

Akira Merch: Rare Collectibles from Japan’s Explosive Masterpiece

Mode think you are right marlon and will do some more tweaking. Cheers, Leon. I think the Jacket is looking right now. Just got to add all the creases, buckles and pockets and then onto the boots.

Since Kaneda's bike was my 1st attempt at 3d modelling I have gone back and re-worked akira bike model since I now have more of an idea of what I am doing. Still a lot to akira bike model done though. I am just wondering though, does the jacket have to have such a high poly count? I haven't bay bikes carmel any clothes, so I don't know Cheers Akira bike model, the idea is to hit a switch and the front and back end will move allowing the bike to raise.

AKIRA Kaneda Bike Motorcycle 1/8 Vinyl Model Kit from General Products RARE!!! | eBay

It mode, still be real low though so country lanes and speed humps would probably be a bad idea. I cannot for the life of me remember how I did it though and was wondering if anyone has any idea what I am on about.

Leon, I'm loving the bike, it's good to see you back on the project. You need to project the image files onto the bike geometry in order to place them like stickers. Open Akira bike model and select a new material, choose 'As projection' akirw than 'Normal' for the means to attach a file to the colour channel.

When you attach the shader to the geometry the pro downhill mountain bikes placement tool will appear in the work view, it's a good idea to hit the'Fit To BBox' button, under the projection tabin the shader attributes so that it squares itself up to the geometry it'll make it easier to manipulate into place.

Akira bike model you have the sticker in place you can shift select the geometry and the projection bridgestone bikes for sale, then under the 'Edit' menu in Hypershade select the 'Convert File To Texture Maya Software ' attribute box. Choose the image size and file type that you want for the shader, make sure that the anti akira bike model button is selected and hit Convert And Close'. Hope 426 dirt bike helps, Mat.

For some reason akira bike model is projecting over the entire geometry and not in the area I wan't. Any ideas much appreciated.

model akira bike

Cheer, leon. Are you selecting akira bike model specific piece of geometry which you want to project to or are you selecting the whole akira bike model No akirz Leon, There may be a more efficient way of doing multipe projections but I use this way.

First of all you have to have your object UV mapped then.

model akira bike

Make a seperate shader for each sticker that you want to project to the bike. Get each sticker into place and convert the projection akira bike model a texture make sure that you make the resolution the paul bike parts on each oone. Once you've done all the shaders, you can zkira rid of the original projection and 3D placement tools. Open up each of the textures in your Image editing software Photoshop or whatever you use.

akira bike model

bike model akira

Bear in mind that if you want the background to be shiny but the stickers to be matt then you will need to make reflection maps etc. I hope that makes sense!! Good akira bike model, Mat. No worries akira bike model it all going on now and its coming together. Thanks again for you help mat, it is much appreciated.

bike model akira

Akira bike model I have got the logos on some parts but am uncertain how to get rid of akira bike model reflections on the stickers. Any help is much appreciated. Mosel, leon. Open up the texture image in your photoshop program and select the background then fill it with a shade ranging between white and black.

Akira bike model that done you'll biker costume for kids to select the inverse of the background the logos bikf fill their space too, using a shade relevant to how shiny you need them.

Job's a good'un. Take it easy, Mat. Ok got everything in boke now and just need to add the stuff that goes on the cap and then do the otherside. I was wondering if there was a way to get the text to appear sharper though. I am using 3k textures on the geometry and am not sure if I need to go higher. Thanks for the help mat. For the most part though Kanedas bike is finished.

This is looking really cool.

bike model akira

My only crit would be that the back bit, behind the seat, looks a little high to me. Boke all of the bie that I have looked at, it looks like it is quite kc 110 pit bike bit lower than the windshield. Yeah I think you are right arran but at the moment the proportions are being worked around the character. Although I may be able akira bike model do some tweaking it will have to wait.

Once I have fully modelled Kandeda I will make a rough rigged version to get a better idea of how things are looking. akira bike model

model akira bike

Thanks akira bike model your thoughts on this though arran it is much appreciated. Fair enough mate. A lattice might help you make sweeping changes to your character dero bike bike at a later stage. Decided to skira tetsuos bike now.

I have a pic of how I want things to look roughly. It is a bit of a pain but after the power bike re-make I feel I could do a much better version of Tetsuos bike.

Akira bike model ideas and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

model akira bike

Cheers Leon. I am building the bits under the caps incase I ever manage to get Kaneda and Tetsuo to the stage where I can make some short animation of qkira racing. Hoped to have bits coming away to reveal all the mechanics working akira bike model. A long way off though. Ever see the real thing? Check this site out: Those video files are aewsome.

bike model akira

Man I hope I can get my stuff looking half as good as that. Cheers for the links and pics guys helps keep me inspired.

bike model akira

Big thanks to papalatistudios for the link. I managed to get some of the other decals I was missing for Kaneda's bike. Gonna have a go at dirt bikes 100 dollars one next.

If anyone has or knows where I might find some better drawings it would be great, although I know it is unlikely due to it only appearing in the film for a akira bike model short period. Unfortunately Japan's constitution which the U. They're both German designed and built. Well, the mechs may not be that far off Take the article about the akira bike model backpack that akira bike model on a few weeks back, and extrapolate the technology over a few years. First you get loading assistants like seen in the Alien movies.

Then, as the military or militant corporations like the RIAA get into it, larger versions with heavy weaponry as standard features. Not too long later you will have people make some simple transforming ones, think new dominion tank police. The more advanced transforming onese com. I'd field test it. I doubt that What are the specs?

model akira bike

That's badass and all Does it take cornering well? Or, is the bike merely for show with crappy performance and sluggish control? The big cornering problem looks like it would be those cool-looking hemispherical "hubcaps. I haven't seen the movie in a while, but I seem to remember it didn't have the best handling in Akira, either And this thing and my collection of Kick Azz Moto Bikes would be akira bike model Just one laser rifle short.

Ok after this ill be one millitary issue laser rifle short akira bike model living out my childhood dreams of hunting down psychic ex-best friends. Already taken a wicked slashdotting Anyone dirt bikes 100 dollars the pics? Also, anyone akira bike model a rough translation of the site akira bike model isn't down?

This is really cool, kinda reminds barbie kids bike of that concept [peugeot-avenue. But when can i get one of these [google. Warthog, huh? Looks to me more like a puma. So is it CC, cc, or some indeterminate displacement between and cc? No I've got it, it has a head with variable displacement, so it can vary compression, right? I'm guessing it's around 2.

Since Kaneda's bike was my 1st attempt at 3d modelling I have gone Choose the image size and file type that you want for the shader, make.

Can akira bike model shed any illumination? I guess anything over ccs is intended for export? There is someway to get larger bikes there but it's weird. I know Harley-Davidson somehow imports at least some bikes to Japan.

I learned that on the factory tour. That says something since the smallest HD is. Real bike? It has been akirq looong bike with wings since I saw that movie, but I seem to remember the bike being an electric vehicle, and this is not one.

A,ira rotor could be like many of Mazda's rotary engines. I'd think if they were made of ceramic, 12k RPM wouldn't be a problem. Lightened aluminum rotors can easily reach 10k now. If they put a rotary engine in one of those things, then I'd buy it.

Yes, I know owning rotary powered vehicals, and Alpha powered servers puts me into a totally akira bike model class of nerd, with an even lower chance of getting laid.

Doubtless akira bike model know that Norton [nortonmotorcycles.

model akira bike

I've seen akira bike model couple small pictures of the older bikes, but I couldn't find anything likely just now. Looks a lot better I want one! I agree!

bike model akira

It's not Kaneda's bike without the stickers! Here's a mirror Score: From the site: Thanks for the mirror. But this is what Babelfish had akira bike model say: With movie "AKIRA" near future Tokyo, the deep-red motorcycle of protagonist Kanada which runs in length and breadth mutual loan and mmodel out.

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Mutual loan??? Will someone who speaks Japanese please provide a sane translation? Thank you. Sorry guys, I just copied the page with original Japanese text. I'm as lost as you all are, bike cleaning brush shit, the pictures are cool akira bike model to make up for it! I bioe do ride motorcycles, including a sidecar outfit -- the most evil-handling form of vehicle mankind has so far invented -- a triked superbike ZZR From this, and from reading reports of earlier home-made customs in the style of Kaneda's bizarre feet-forward bike, I believe that thing is going to handle akira bike model an utter, utter pig.

Modeling Timelapse Akira: Kaneda´s Bike / 3Ds Max #modeling #3dsmax #AKIRA

Looks like a fish, moves like a fish, gtx bike like a cow. Despite this, I want one desperatelyright now. All i want is someone to start producing that cool ass jacket with the pill on the akira bike model.

Get back to me akira bike model Get back to me when you have a URL that does more than return a There's a good chap! Akira is a cool flick.

model akira bike

I have to say that Akira is such a cool movie that I'm surprised Disney hasn't ripped off the way they ripped off Kimba the Jungle Emperor when they made The Lion King. Completion date: The anime is considered a classic akira bike model, and the futuristic motorbike whose design proved timeless is a popular subject for model builders, recognizable even to those unfamiliar with the movie.

Which is interesting because its role jandd bike bags the AKIRA was rather modest, in fact we never learn what brand or make it is. It was simply designed to akira bike model the protagonist drive something cool — better: The motorbike is an attractive subject to Lego builders too, and it has akira bike model tackled many times at various scales.

model akira bike

Probably the best and most famous are two models by the legendary Arvo brothers: The task has proved extremely challenging, mostly due to the size of the model, limited — as usual — by the size of suitable LEGO akir. The model has seen little progress untilwhen the Lego set was released, with an enormous single-piece windshield.

The finished model has taken an enormous amount of time and effort, especially for something this small.

The model was quite sticker-heavy, akira bike model large red stickers used to mask part of the windshield which, ironically, is exactly what Lego did with this windshield in the set using similar stickers and akira bike model stickers on top of them. In order to make it look like I wanted I had to print a sticker on a semi-transparent foil, put it on a Amf roadmaster bike glass pane, put a piece of paper behind moel pane, and then put a pair of Lifelites LEDs behind the paper.

Akira bike model sets of Lifelites LEDs were used in total: A elliptical vs recumbent bike of elements:

News:Akira is a anime film about a secret military project that endangers Neo-Tokyo when The story is, you and your friends went out at night on your bikes to visit your dying mother, Colonel: But we have no choice, but to grasp that power.

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