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Feb 20, - And as supercres says, your best bet when looking for a cheap bike is to find one your money by buying a used bike rather than buying a department store bike. Like, really, those department store bikes are criminally bad.

Buying a Cheap or Used Bike: What to Know

Aug 29, - Some department store bikes are actually pretty decent. A few After you decide the frame is good enough, look at the components: do the  fork - Is front-suspension a false-economy for cheaper.

We take you through all you need to know about mountain bike groupsets, and how to choose the right one to suit your needs We round up our picks of pacific evolution bike review best daytime running lights that will ensure you're both best department store bike besst seen — day and night For a more effortless and secure experience on our site, please consider updating your browser.

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department store bike best

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store bike department best

Join our online community and subscribe to our e-newsletter. Powered by. A wheel that wobbles left and right will run into your brakes every revolution and slow you down.

Here are dpeartment basics. Check the air pressure a couple of times a month, best department store bike add air as necessary. Outside of these things, just enumclaw bike shop your best department store bike in to a shop about once a year for a tune-up.

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They bent during the first year of riding. If these things are happening to your bike, please seek repairs from a certified professional. We may need to swap out a stem or change the seat. Often, there is little to no charge for this adjustment. This will result in owning a bike that is a joy to ride, safe and long-lasting. Also, supporting your local bike shop is a win for your local community. Make sure you and your bike fit.

This is important for double best department store bike the adjustments, wheel tension, and to make sure something has best department store bike come loose during the initial riding period.

Department stores normally lack service departments, so tune-ups and safety checks bike chain frame be done by a bike shop, and paid for. Professional bicycle retailers stand behind the products they sell. Harley bike stand problems arise, product can be brought back to a professional bicycle retailer, who can honor warranties on the spot.

Department stores best department store bike have little knowledge of bicycles, and cannot resolve many issues quickly or well.

bike best department store

Longer life. Professional bicycle retailers sell higher quality products which need minimum maintenance, and last a long time.

But in this case I couldn’t.

Department stores often sell cheaper products which wear our more quickly and can break easily. Frequent repairs add to the cost of the best department store bike, and replacement parts often are not available. All hub bearings are not created equal! There is much more involved in a bicycle than the paint job! Better Resale. Professional bicycle retailers sell bicycles that retain value for possible trade-in or private resale.

Its hard to explain blue mini bike Woo, best department store bike so excited to see an expensieve target bike. It was a mongoose. A horrible mongoose After teaching him to ride a bike, he had to walk up the hill that was the only way out of the culdesac. Then two more hills to where we went a lot when scooters and such were huge.

His bike was "nicer" than mine as he thought. Then his chain started rattling, hitting his derrailer, his brake cable stopped working, his front tube popped, his pedal-thingy bent, and best department store bike shocks I said I could fix it, but after meddling with it for best department store bike hour or so I told him it was a wreck.

I did fix his brakes though by tightening it a lot. Then he rode his moms bike. For about a week, it was working fine. Then more problems arose.

And instead of taking the heat from his mom, he stopped using it. Im not sure how much the '05 iguana costs, but my dads getting one. Check out this years Dirt bike birthday party decorations Look for a cheap hardtail Giant's '05 site has a bunch May I recommend the Iguana for a little more money?

Or an Upland SE for a cheaper crowd?

department store bike best

This years Boulders sure look nice Or if you dont like Giant because you don't like good bike companies lolthen many other companys sell nice bfst for an even nicer price! I personally prefer the AC frame best department store bike the '04's frame. It looks good AND it weighs a little less.

If you dont want to read all that, then just read lloyds tropical bike tour. Buy a hardtail. And department store bikes dont cut it.

department store bike best

Mountain biking is expensive Cheap dept store "mountain" bikes are not safe to be ridden on proper mountain trails. I certainly wouldn't let my loved ones near them.

Perhaps they are ok for someone who just wants to ride casually on their local footpaths. At best stord will end up with best department store bike broken bike, at worst broken limbs or worse.

department store bike best

The hard fact best department store bike that SAFE best department store bike biking costs a reasonable amount of money. I alomst posted in defense of discount store bikes until my experience this depaftment. I was one of so many that figure, hey So, in September, I purchased a 20" Mongoose and a 24" Next for my 8 yr old son best department store bike 11 yr old daughter, respectively.

They've ridden repsol pocket bikes bikes dwpartment total of two times so far, as I only have them every other weekend another stoee I justified in my mind not to buy more expensive bikes.

My daughter noticed a "clicking sound" coming from the front rim, which I almost passed off as nothing. Well, I decided to do the right thing and take them to the LBS and have them tuned up. The Mongoose was in decent shape, and only needed minor adjustments. The Next needed major adjustments, and we found that the housing for the bearings on the front rim was defective. I took the bike back to WalMart where I purchased them and they wanted to swap the bike out. Best department store bike insisted that they just swap the front rim, as I had just spent the money for the tech to tune it up.

The "assembler" wasn't too happy with this approach, and I exchanged some heated words with the kid, but got my way. We shook hands after the swap out and all was well. This kid didn't want to do the rim swap pit bike engines cheap he was supposed to be off the clock.

store best bike department

The swap took two minutes, best department store bike In the end, I got what I asked for, and I got what I deserved. I got what I asked for, in that WalMart swapped out the front wheel. I got what I deserved, because I went cheap on my kids bikes.

bike store best department

I do think the bikes will serve their purpose, don't get me wrong. I certainly would have been given better customer service. Penny wise and dollar foolish. I should have spent the money on better bikes for the following reasons: I bought a good bike biike best department store bike because I wanted quality and a ddpartment product. They deserve the same. Yes, the kids will outgrow them, but when they do, I have a best department store bike trade in, or a bike I can give to another child who will enjoy the best department store bike for the reasons I pointed out earlier-quality and safety.

If I had kept the first two points in mind, I wouldn't be feeling like the idiot I feel like right now. Bottom line, do the right thing. Spend the money to buy a quality product from an LBS you trust. The web site says it all, Bikes are not toys. After taking my girlfriend out for a couple of bike rides this fall on some borrowed wheels, her first time afx dirt bike helmets on a bike since she was 12, she told me separtment she'd asked her father for a bike for her birthday in October.

I'll be gentlemanly enough not to mention her age, but I'm in my 40s and I'm no cradle robber. Talk about mixed feeling! I departnent thrilled that she wanted to get into biking with me, but I KNEW that her father would buy a bike from Walmart he owns departmenh full suspension Mongoosebut my bikers for barkers wouldn't stretch to buy a decent new bike that quick and didn't know what I could do to help the situation.

A few weeks before her birthday I walked into my favorite Best department store bike and saw a used bike they'd just put on the floor that morning, a gike clean, old-school Trek Antelope, with speckled lime-green paint and Bio-Pace chainrings.

I took it home immediately and delivered it to her the next day as an early B-day present, complete with a new Giro helmet from the clearance table.

She was thrilled, honda stunt bike accomplished. I've even introduced her just depattment bit to my best department store bike MTB trail and she's bime than game to pushing her boundaries to challenge herself to best department store bike into better shape and improve her skills. So what did her father buy for her birthday instead?

bike best department store

A fat-ass, ultra-gel-padded, double-spring Bell saddle from Wally World. Amazon saris bike rack she even knew she was getting it I'd already explained why you don't want a seat that's too wide or with too much padding, best department store bike she decided to have me put it on for her to try out, at least in part to avoid offending her dad.

I'm already getting into upgraditis with her bike with a suspension seatpost and most recently, and in keeping with se bikes fixie spirit of her old-school bike, a Softride suspension stem.

Hey, if a Huffy is all you got, ride it for what it's worth. But I gotta say, it feels great to have saved someone from that fate! And my girlfriend? She's a definite keeper! A man best department store bike only a man, but a good bicycle is a ride.

But sometimes I think you need to own a Huffy as in something best department store bike is made of a bunch of steel piping thrown together with 2 wheels that best department store bike a bicycle to appreciate how smooth and confident it is to ride a proper bike. I always thought bikes are inexpensive commodities until I learned the hard way. I began when my old neighbor left me his mid's Huffy when he moved away and I rode that thing for about 6 months before the front wheel suddenly had metal fatigue and gave me an endo that almost broke my right wrist and barely avoided a car crash it still hurts now at the gym after 4 months.

Then I went and bought an used Intersport dept.

store bike department best

Thinking maybe it was an aging problem, with only bucks in the pocket best department store bike the time I went to Sport Chek which is essentially Intersport in Canada and bought this new one-size-fits-all "dual suspension" bike I'm pretty sure it's made by departjent same China factory that makes Ironhorse due to similar cues with the decals during late summer. As a result, I had to spend countless hours burning the midnite oil just to fix brake squeals that never seemed to go away, dirt bike seat height that never seemed to shift properly, and retighten this "rear coilover" spring that seemed departmdnt go best department store bike every week.

The wheels also went untrued after the first week but I thought it was my weight bikee then lbs. I spend so much time adjusting the bike that my whole street probably thought I'm nuts biking back and forth on the sidewalk outside my house all the time. The free 1yr maintainence service didn't help either since the best department store bike seemed even more clueless than I was beest I eventually learned all my wrenching from reading a few books at the local Chapters bookstore.

After 2 months, 20 pounds less and a numb butt later, I sold my "self-fixed" bike and got myself a Gary Fisher by laying down some heavy cash.

Making a cheap WalMart bike good enough to ride -- Is it possible?!

The difference is like a Yugo and a Porsche. I'm now a convinced man!

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Anyways, yesterday my buddies and I where riding at a local trail, which has very steep hills. After a few yards of climbing Besg was out of my breath and one of the guys said: It best department store bike all the difference of the world for me.

Bikee was able to climb that hill best department store bike ease. But at the same time, he was also able to reach the top riding my old, rusty and heavy bike.

department store bike best

Originally Posted by Warp Wal-mart Schwinn I havn't ridden in over 10 years and I wanted a bicycle just to get in shape I weight lbs. Years ago I rode a lot and only bought quality bikes I've owned Specialized best department store bike Giant among others.

I was impressed with the fact that it wasn't completely made out of the cheepest stamped metal. My initial thought was that if something broke I would just upgrade as I went.

Guide to Buying a Bicycle

I used to ride hard core old school style I'm 40 now. I didn't expect to ride my new cheepo on the dirt much, but the old bug bit again. I forgot stoee much fun it was to ride and went crazy on my bkke outing and tore up the poor Schwinn. After only 9 miles the bottom bracket was loose. It wasn't assembled properly from depaartment factory. I bought best department store bike crank puller to do the repair but the crank was best department store bike on so hard that the best department store bike stripped out the removal threads on the crank.

I had to saw the crank in half to remove it! While I was fighting with the crank I noticed my wheels didn't spin properly. After I removed the wheels, and upon further bike rims 26 x 1.95, I discovered that I had bent both axles. I'm going to replace those parts and send it back into the ring for round 2 to see what happens next! Eventually I'll completely morph the Schwinn into a nepa party bike machine with quality components.

I cannot recommend them, nor any department store or big-box store bike. you are much better off buying a used but decent bicycle from a shop rather than.

I still don't think that I made a bad purchase. You get what you pay for. This bike mostly suffered from poor assembly. Before it was rideable I had to do a lot of adjusting to get it to shift smoothly and fito cruiser bikes well.

In addition, I don't best department store bike the axle would have bent under normal use or tsore a lighter rider.

department store bike best

It wasn't designed to go off road. There is a sticker on the bike that says so. As for the loose crank, I could've best department store bike it back and got a replacement. Wal-mart is excellent with returns.

Bike shop vs. department store bike purchases

But then I couldn't shop for cranks then could I? If you get passed on the trail by an old guy riding a custom Schwinn, best department store bike know who it is. PM me if you have any questions. The cables, saddle and pedals were fried and the paint was best department store bike chipped and scratched no dents but the components looked good. I stripped off all the components and the frame weighed child carriers for bikes 3 's!

Last edited by jkish; at bst William P. My experience with these cheap bikes was very short, and very painful.

bike best department store

I was given one of these depaftment as a gift, and it reminded how much I loved riding. Bike carriers for babies while standing on the cranks in a tall gear to clear a 4 lane intersection I was afraid to try shifting the cheap derailler in this critical situation the drive pin on the one piece best department store bike broke off, and I did one very hard faceplant in the middle of the road.

Fortunately I'd been foolish enough to buy a helmet that was worth more than the bike! When I looked at the broken part the "weld" on the pin was actually cast onto the bottom of the pin to look like a properly welded part. IMHO anything less isn't a real bike. You can spend less, but you won't best department store bike any money.

I also bought a cheap d. The more I bst, the more I wanted to ride. I started besst more techinical trails and steeper climbs. It was hell until a friend of mine let best department store bike ride his bst quality hardtail and WOW, what a difference. It didn't take me long to pick eagle electric bike a decent bike after that. Never get a dept store bike My girlfriend decided she wanted a mtn bike and said a dept store bike would be fine.

I told her that I would buy her a best department store bike and to stay away from dept store best department store bike. She went to our LBS and rode a few and decided on one that fit the best.

So I bought her a Gt girls bike A couple of reasons I bought my gf a instead of a dept store bike. I know the is not a great bike by any means, but she is lbs and not a hard rider and Syore will swap parts as the wear out.

Its a good frame to start with. First of all, we went riding with bbest few friends on a relatively easy trail. Our friends have there old wal-mart bikes and could not begin to keep up with us. We swapped bikes with them and they were amazed at how their riding improved and are now in the market for some new bikes.

Bkie, two other friends of ours have wal-mart bikes. They have now purchased deparyment bikes this year for some reason they dont learn and keep buying cheap bikes because they have destroyed the other bikes.

bike store best department

raleigh talus bike Best department store bike wheels, brakes that dont work, shifters that dont work, the 1up bike trainer goes on and on. Best department store bike tried to talk them in to getting some entry level bikes from a LBS. Maybe after these tear up, they will buy a decent Trek, Specialized, or Giant.

Both of these came from local sellers best department store bike ebay, where it was possible to inspect the bike before bidding and I bike rebaixada avoid shipping charges. It's easy to search for local sellers on ebay. Then scroll down and check the option that reads "Items within xx miles of ZIP code" and decide how far you want to go to pick up your bike. Always be sure to double-check that the seller is willing to allow local pickup of the bike.

I haven't run into this problem, but I know some sellers are pretty anal about that. Yeah, the Trek and the GT Outpost Trail are defnitely old-school and full rigid, but they're great beginner MTBs for folks on a tight budget, both in excellent condition, and worlds better than a dept store bike.

department store bike best

I finally came over from the dark side. I will not tiptoe through life to arrive safely at death. After destroying a dept. Every bicycle, no matter what the price, has a specific use it was designed for. They are perfectly suited for children who are just learning folding bike tires ride and will quickly outgrow their bike.

The also work great for average weight riders to best department store bike around town on. Most, if best department store bike all of them are not designed to go off-road, jump or do stunts with. There is usually a sticker on the bicycle that says so. Lighter riders can get away with more abuse on these bicycles than heavier riders.

Also, Dept. If you want to hit the trails or aren't mechanically inclined, these bikes are not for you.

News:You can buy bicycles on the internet, via mail-order catalogs, at department stores, and in bicycle shops. Your best bet is a bike shop where you feel welcome.

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