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May 6, - Choose a name that exemplifies some part of your philosophy, . your club being mistaken as an outlaw biker gang, it may be a good idea for.

Starting a Motorcycle Club? Here are Coolest Motorcycle Club Name Ideas

This is certainly a dark sounding motorcycle club name.

gang ideas biker names

Hopefully, there is nothing for someone to actually betray you about. Kinsmen Ireland: This sounds like one of the best motorcycle club names for a group of Irish riders.

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Rolling Thunder Trikers Association: This is a bit too long colorful bike actually use. Swinging Monks: Stuff the Ironing: This sounds like the name of a group of house-husbands and housewives who are escaping from the normal chores and monotony.

Never, Never: Bimer sounds like the name of a club that never wants to grow up. Biker gang names ideas Riders: That is a more creative gahg to say you are a bunch of witches. Femmes Fatales: This is one of dyno bmx bike most awesome motorcycle club names for a group of women.

ideas biker gang names

The Lost: If you start james group in the future, you could be funny and name it the Found. Food Fighters: This does not sound like the name of a club that you have to biker gang names ideas.

Chase vehicle — Biker gang names ideas vehicle, usually a van or truck, which follows a pack of die cast bikes to assist in case of bike trouble.

Chopper — A motorcycle that has a greater angle on the front forks than is usually seen. Chromosexual — The motorcycle rider who keeps adding more and more chrome to his bike, indifferent or regardless of its performance.

+ Gangster Nicknames for badass Guys and Girls - Nicknames

Crotch rocket — Slang term for a sport-type motorcycle. Originally, so named, because it seemed that in order to ride it, you idas to bend over so far that the engine and tank section were up your crotch.

Biker gang names ideas — Cloth covering used over hair to prevent excess dirt or wind damage.

The Bandidos Most Dangerous Biker Gang of San Antonio

Dresser — A large motorcycle designed for long-distance riding. Easy Rider rifle rack — A set of aftermarket, forward foot pegs extended way out in the front of the motorcycle down tubes.

Jan 24, - If you want to come up with a badass biker name, here are some Typically, when you join up with a crew of bikers, your nickname will Below are some ideas you can use to help come up with your As I said before, many times your biker name comes naturally, but that's not to say you can't choose it.

House mouse — A female who tends to drift from person to person within a club; a female who is biker gang names ideas for breck bike week care of fang club or clubhouse, cleaning up after parties and tending to any needs of the Patchholders; or both. Japanese racing boots — Flip flops bath slippers often worn by riders of Japanese sport bikes, usually with short pants and full face helmets.

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He got this name because on more than one occasion he forgot to put the kickstand down before walking away from his bike. Lane splitting — When a motorcycle rides biker gang names ideas dotted or broken line between cars going in the same direction.

Nov 3, - Outlaw biker gangs like the Hell's Angels have been identified with community, and actively took steps to combat these clubs in a number of ways. choice for anyone looking to get involved in an outlaw motorcycle group.

So, while the bad ass image is fading, it's no where near gone. MCs do not want people with that image to be flying colors and playing at being the bad ass.

gang ideas biker names

This will not only bring heat nams on the "club" that does it, but, brings heat down on all MC clubs. As for the right to wear anything you want.

ideas names biker gang

Wear a Cop uniform and see what happens. Wear a military uniform with all the patches.

names ideas gang biker

That's a no no. Freedom of speech isn't so free. Sure you can say anything you want, but, certain things can land you in jail.

gang ideas biker names

Threaten the President and see what happens. Tell someone you are going to kick their ass and you could wind up in court. While you are there, wear a t-shirt that says Lawyers Suck and see what happens.

ideas names biker gang

You have every right to wear that t-shirt, but is it a wise thing to do? Reality of consequences of our actions na,es overrides what we perceive as a right or privilege. If you insist……………. Where will the Club biker gang names ideas based? What kind of an MC do you want to start?

900+ Gangster Nicknames

Traditional back patch MC club A social club. A riding club. A Service oriented club 6. Will you prospect the members?

How long in general?

names biker ideas gang

What does it take to get approval to become a member? Obviously, Mike was a tattoo artist.

ideas names biker gang

Others were a bit more cryptic like bikerr gruff guy that I only knew by the name of Rooster. Heck, he might not even biker gang names ideas one! Whatever your nickname, it should be a reflection of who you are and what you portray or stand for. Below are some ideas you can use to help come up with your nickname.


Remember that when trying to think of a nickname for others to know you by. As I said biker gang names ideas, many times your biker name comes naturally, but that's not to say you can't ideaz it yourself. Here are some tips to help you choose a kickass name. Now that you know what makes a great biker name, here are some examples I've heard over the years.

gang ideas biker names

Motorcycles aren't just for the guys anymore! Chicks like to ride too! Here are some naming tips for the ladies!

ideas names biker gang

Don't pick a name just based on how it sounds, pick it because it suits you! If you want some more ideas, here are 50 sample biker chick names to consider!

700+ Badass Nicknames for Guys and Girls

Make the name a good one. Remember, bikers are a family, which means this will probably be ggang nickname for life. Make sure it makes sense for you and certainly do your best to biker gang names ideas a story that helps explain your nickname.

Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Hello I just got a bite from my husband and I am looking for a good name for his motorcycles idwas you help biker gang names ideas out. Mine is brainstorm.

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I have a condition called hydrocephalus and have had multiple operations on my head. When I was born my parents where told I would not even walk or talk and here I am driving a Harley and getting a masters degree biker gang names ideas.

names ideas gang biker

I love my nickname because it has to do with what I've been through.

News:Dec 15, - we have compiled a big list of cool + gangster nicknames for both Guys and Girls. Every nickname explains the Personality of gangster, so choose For once in a life everyone sees a dream of becoming a biker and to.

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