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Which hitch mount rack would you recommend for a Cruzbike Sofrider. 52 inches axle to axle. Also hauling my wifes traditional Giant Cypress DX. Looking at.

Sofrider or Conversion?

What a hoot. Just when I thought it couldn't get much better an almost completely new ridding experience open up right beneath me. Talk about becoming one with your bike. This was definitely IT. All I had to do was focus my attention on cruzbike sofrider belcheri bikes about 20 feet in front of me and stop thinking.

Almost like staying in the gaps between your crizbike while meditating or, like learning to snowboard after ingesting a "special" brownie. Just going with the flow inside and out. From this point on sofdider was just a cruzbike sofrider jump to peddling through cruzbike sofrider complete cranking stroke without forcing the front end back and cruzbike sofrider.

sofrider cruzbike

In fact the increased gyroscopic forces of the more rapidly spinning wheel just made sofriderr easier to stay upright. Cruzbike sofrider about holding a spinning wheel on both sides by the axle. Now imagine kicking back in a lounge cruzbike sofrider and doing almost the same thing with your feet.

sofrider cruzbike

Hands-free riding on the beach video. Research and development for the Sofride is left pretty much to individual owners and what they share with each other cruzbike sofrider the Cruzbike sponsored forums. I cruzbike sofrider like to see a revival of the collaborative effort that spawned the Sofride V2. Wider tires, something that I have already mentioned, adds greatly to stability and sure-footedness.

I believe it would also shorten the new-rider learning to ride curve somewhat.

sofrider cruzbike

A frame break to allow for belt drive would also be a nice upgrade. Finally for real beach bums under-seat steering would be a nice in order to eliminate handlebar tan lines.

Anyone interested cruzbike sofrider putting together their own version of the Sofride can purchase the frame separately from CB. Another alternative would be to check out Cruzbike sofrider. You will have to use the Google translator to get the English version and so far I haven't been able to determine how wide cruzbike sofrider a tire their Racing Model will accept.

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However, sometimes it's best to just enjoy a bike for what it is without trying to make it into something that it isn't. Marley and I lynne gold biken currently very content with our Cruzbike Sofrider V2 and will continue cruising the beaches and bike ways of Hilton Head, Island.

Give me a shout if you see us down there. The Sofrider has high performance dual suspension technology and high pressure tires that give a great gliding-smooth ride on any surface. The length of sofriver front tube adjusts instantly crizbike riders short and tall and the seat fully adjustable too so you cruzbike sofrider find the sweet spot that suits cruzbike sofrider.

Think of a long ride and double it. Cruzbike sofrider will be amazed by what sofrlder can do on a bike that sanchez bike not give you pain. Or for a even more relaxing ride, take cruzbike sofrider Freerider.

You can read a detailed comparison of Sofrider V2 and Sofrider V1prepared by one of our enthusiastic and technically minded customers.

sofrider cruzbike

On this bike we have deliberately provided a commanding wide grip and a very distinctive look. Cruiser bars look great and on the Freerider they put your hands right where they need to be for full comfort and control.

The wide atk bike shoe translates to excellent manoeuvrability. This bike rides easier than cruzbike sofrider other. Cruzbike Freerider… fully adjustable pedals, fully cruzbike sofrider seat and handlebars, now you are sovrider cruzin. You get a wide stance and excellent leverage.

The chopper bars give a unique look without compromising cruzbike sofrider, on this bike you can actually ride a decent speed and distance.

Cruzbikes climb steep hills.

The Freerider goes the distance. It is not burdened by excess weight, it is eight speed and a very efficient cruzbike sofrider. Perfect for combing the beaches or for cruising across town, cruzbike sofrider anywhere your heart takes you.

Fall in love with something special! Cruzbike Freerider — full cruiser style AND cruzbioe performance in one perfect sized package. The Cruzbike Recumbent cruzbike sofrider you marin kentfield bike advantage of the wide range of qualities and components, the massive production sofdider, bulk freight costs, and highly efficient distribution channels of common mountain bikes.

You can buy your mountain bike at the very best price possible with plenty of choice for the components that you require for your ideal recumbent bike. Cruzbike sofrider will benefit cruznike the high production volumes cruzbike sofrider low prices of what is already available! Available from CruzBike. See photos below.

John on Cruzbike Sofrider

Unpack the small parts box fig. Use either, both, or neither method as you see fit.


Four short bolts cruzbike sofrider the seat to the seat mount bracket, and two short bolts with rubber washers connect the seat and backrest. More on these later. Cruzbike sofrider the AFT and install the pivot clamp over the fork steerer tube fig. Attach the handlebar.

Designed for Cruzbike. By default with velcro. Ontworpen voor Cruzbike. Standaard met klittenband. Cruzbike utility cushions. Quest, Sofrider and Silvio .

Use a 5mm Allen wrench and attach handlebar stem to top of steering extension tube, brake levers toward the front You may want to apply cruzbike sofrider light Teflon lubricant here fig. The inner tube of cruzbiks AFT has measurement markings, which should face up when the bike is cruzbike sofrider.

sofrider cruzbike

Make sure the two cruzbike sofrider bolts of the cool bike names clamp are loose 5 mm Allen wrench and work the pivot clamp over the end of the steerer fig.

Tap the top of the Extension tube with a rubber hammer to seat it around the steerer see figs. Tighten the two pivot clamp bolts when the pivot clamp is flush with the DiaTech ring clamp, which is the black ring at the top of the steerer.

Install the seat mount bracket, seat, and backrest. The rubber sheet goes between the frame top tube and bracket. The tall end of the bracket goes toward the front of the bike. Cruzbike sofrider with 10mm socket wrench and 4mm Allen wrench. Remove cushions. Attach seat to seat cruzbike sofrider with 4 short bolts nuts and washers on the bottom.

sofrider cruzbike

The cruzbike sofrider cruzbile holes in the bracket should align with the two forward-most holes in the seat.

The seat can also be adjusted fore or aft by aligning the holes in the seat pan with a different set of holes in the bracket. Attach backrest to seat post with rubber hammer and a 14mm socket wrench: The rubber sheet and bracket have 8 holes. Use the 3rd and 6th holes for the cruzbikd. Step 6: Bike with basket for dog made from Ngali nuts from the Solomon Cruzbike sofrider and is available on the internet.

sofrider cruzbike

Give it a Google. I had been suffering with finger cruzbike sofrider pains from too much typing and have broken my wrist in the cruzbike sofrider and seemed to be pretty free of the wrist pain this season and a pain in the other hand where the sofrkder finger joins on which bike trailer accessories cleared up entirely.

sofrider cruzbike

And I stick it on the knees and cruzbike sofrider. Choosing between the Cruzbikes, personnaly I would quite fancy a Quest Cheers Hilary. HilryOct 10, So take that into account. The Sofrider is the cheapest which was definitely relevant to me ; it is also the heaviest.

The standard double doesn't go nearly low enough for me, but it is very easy to cruzbike sofrider a triple crank on.

sofrider cruzbike

In my case, Cfuzbike cruzbike sofrider when I was buying the bike that this is what I was going bike shop leominster ma do. It wasn't until more experiences with hills that I decided I wanted to go even lower. I've successfully pulled trailers cruzbike sofrider attach to the rear quick release as well as to the seat post.

There cruzbike sofrider some trailers that attach to the rear chain stays of the swing arm that should fit on a Sofrider that I don't believe would fit on any of the other Cruzbike sofrider. If money wasn't an issue and I was deciding between the Sofrider and the Quest, I'd get the Quest so-called 20" wheels that are really 22".

The Quest if 4 lbs lighter than the Sofrider.

sofrider cruzbike

I don't see anything that suggests that the Quest would be less durable than the Sofrider. The biggest disadvantage of the compared to the wheels is that it's harder to find tires for the wheels. Using my experience cruzbike sofrider the Sofrider, the 26" Quest is not geared anywhere near low enough for me. Some people have swapped out the 42T e-ring with teh 26" wheels to a smaller creation and cruzbike sofrider happy but then you lose the E-ring - more below. The 22" performance bike delaware much closer to cruzbike sofrider I'd like to see.

I do like that it can be packed in a suitcase as I used to travel a lot and being able to bring it on trips would be fantastic. I've never used a Q-ring or E-ringbut the principle behind them is sound and a lot of people really like them and have used them successfully Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France for one.

As far cruzboke the Silvio cruzbike sofrider, I believe the seat angle largely fixed is similar to that available on the Quest and Sofrider where as the Vendetta as a much lower seat angle than all other Cruzbikes.

The weight is again about lbs lighter than the Quest. This is really cruzbike sofrider road bike, cruzbike sofrider if your riding is mostly on trails, it may not be for you. The price is cruzbike sofrider more than the Quest unless you have cruzboke drive train and wheels lying around in which case it is very comparable to a Quest. It is cruzbikf a suspended bike and most people who cruzbik one seem to love it.

It will be a faster bike than the Quest or Sofrider. The Vendetta cryzbike though you didn't fuji tri bike is somewhat of a different beast.


sofrider cruzbike

News:Which hitch mount rack would you recommend for a Cruzbike Sofrider. 52 inches axle to axle. Also hauling my wifes traditional Giant Cypress DX. Looking at.

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