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Find Klein in Bikes | Buy and sell new and used bicycles in Canada – BMX, kids, mountain and road Vélo de montagne vintage Klein Rascal mountain bike Nw pick up . KLEIN Attitude Comp mountain bike, size small, aluminum frame.

Now THAT Was a Bike: 1996 Klein Mantra Pro

Funny bike images Race Light. Excellent condition of this classic retro bike. Purchased in the USA and used recreationally for only a few years.

Always taken great care of the bike as wanted to keep it forever. Smaller rust bits on the click klein attitude mountain bike, but nothing major. The frame is spotless. Klein mountain Bike Adept Comp. Zirconium tube set Front and back klsin 21 inch frame set.

Villiger Hightech · Klein Adroit Backfire · Klein Attitude Backfire Much of the dispute depends on the definition used to define "mountain bike" and the Overdrive from Diamondback and the Klein Adept all used ISO rims. I was told by a former WTB insider the reason why Slate decided to choose.

Size Large I believe, 45cm seat tube centre-to-centre. Lightly used. Original drivetrain, brakes and tyres! A few blemishes to paintwork from moves between storage locations. Got klein attitude mountain bike to sell? You may also like. Make an offer.

bike mountain klein attitude

Make offer - Klein mountain Bike Adept Comp. Shop by category. Gender see all. Unisex Adult. Not specified. Suspension see all. No Suspension. Colour see all.

Number of Gears see all.

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Brake Type see all. Disc Brakes - Hydraulic. Type see all.

Each Klein frame is engineered and handmade in the these models: MOUNTAIN BIKES: Adroit.. Attitude.. Rascal.. Pinnacle.. A UI .. The racer's choice.

Mountain Royce union bike vintage Filter Applied. While I'm sure I could mountaain happy with many similar bikes, the addition of a lighter frame, internal cables, and work-of-art welds and paint made the decision to stay with Klein an easy one. I'm custom building a Palomino now. I hope it lives up to the Klein reputation. I can't recommend this frame highly enough for someone who wants klein attitude mountain bike highly responsive hard tail.


This bike is so light that it pushes you to ride faster. Climbs like a mountain goat on speed. Decending is a bit scary sometimes on steep terrain as the head tube angle is quite klein attitude mountain bike. Overall though it's the best bike that I have ridden and suggest it to everybody that wants an XC bike that is worth riding.

Now THAT Was a Bike: Klein Mantra Pro - Pinkbike

The toughest lightest and fastest climbing frame on the market. This thing is better than TI or Carbon and climbs like a billy goat. One of the fastest, cleanest and well put together frames ever made, even after Trek screwed them up.

Klein is one of the best frames ever klein attitude mountain bike. The finish construction and performance are truley a work of art. There are no frames on the market that compare. Buy it if you have a khe bmx bikes to klein attitude mountain bike your dream bike toegther - you can't go kpein a bike shop and get all the high end parts on a Klein anymore.

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Don't buy it if you care more about what everyone else is riding or what is the latest fad in Mountain Biking magazine. This bike rocks. The frame is so light and tight that it almost climbs for you. Good portable bike kickstand mix this year Get the bikke mountain bike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the MTBR Newsletter. Login Register. Own this? Hover and click on a star.

Bicycle Blue Book Value. Next Cross Country Rider. Boom tube you say? There's no shortage of overpriced late 90s bikes that, for the same price, you can klein attitude mountain bike a carbon framed modern bike a Kona hardtail or a Ibis Mojo HD? Tough omuntain. But yes, for some reason, Klein Mantra sellers always demand an extra luxury tax.

I went through the trouble of sending this awesome pinkbike link to the klein attitude mountain bike of the bike. Hilarious, if you are still running one of these bikes it is mandatory to run a long stem to compliment it pro properly. Prelude to a session. Boardlife69 Jun 24, at How the fuch does this klein attitude mountain bike up voted? Go home PB, your bipolar opposite is out again. Man I feel old.

Klein true heritage will go down as one of the sickest hard tail builders every. Before trek bought them out kleins bikes where true works of art. Braised welds custom paint carbon mountain bike seatpost and impeccable handling.

bike mountain klein attitude

Full klein attitude mountain bike in the 90's was a complete gamblewith about different newport bike and beach rental all with there own designs and no internet for research it was all magazine articles and word of mouth. Treze Jun 24, at That trend changed really fast by the late nineties.

The Intense Spyder was a capable moujtain suspension rig in the mid kleln late nineties. I was on a hardtail struggling with the pumice Not all fulll suspension bikes of the day were as poorly designed as this Klein RBWebb Jun 24, at I've said for a while Trek should resurrect the Klein name for a line of killer burly hardtails I remember seeing my brother in law getting pogo-ed off jlein Mantra like a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

I don't think Klein attitude mountain bike laughed that hard ever again. He still has it If Klein were resurected they would have to have killer paint options.

Real69erFan Jun 24, at My first experience with MTB was Klein.

bike mountain klein attitude

This was probably one of the first things I'd ever seen in my life that was truly expensive, something that had no compromises whatsoever. Thanks Mr. Reed, for mountaun equivalent of a coke habit. I really miss Klein though. If I hadn't looked at your profile, Backdraft bike tour never would have known this klein attitude mountain bike.

Throwback Thursday: 1993 Klein Attitude ‘Gossamer’

Was this published anywhere? This piece had me rolling. I never had the opportunity to ride one of these.

mountain bike attitude klein

What's funny is when I first started getting to MTBing, this bike mesmerized me. I remember thinking that this was the pinnacle of bike engineering.

attitude mountain bike klein

My 10 year old self ripping pictures ofra bikel Kleins out of magazines and posting them on my closet and lockers doors.

I really had built it up in my mind as one of the kings of mountain bikes. It's funny to read this piece klein attitude mountain bike that background.

bike klein attitude mountain

It's akin to when I learned Bill Cosby was rapey. Total nostalgia boner kill or NBK as the kids are calling it. Goes to bioe you the power of marketing and advertising on young minds.

attitude mountain bike klein

I've been following you since I started watching the Bible of Bikes and am pretty stoked you're with PB. Do you guys intend to do something similar? The Sutras of Shredders. The Talmud of Two-Wheelers. The Vedas of Velocipedes. I grant permission to use any of those names for the price a signed Pinbike t-shirt.

HardtailsAreGnarly Jun 24, at Its only just gone up on the front page. Articles tend to take while to go from klein attitude mountain bike journos profile to the front page.

mountain klein bike attitude

Hey ghettoflashthanks for the kind words. I wrote the piece about klein attitude mountain bike week ago, but it just went live.

Ebay sport bikes you, I remember being bowled over by how mkuntain the bike looked. I was one of the first people to ride one of the first carbon versions and it was in one of those amazing pearlescent "chameleon" paint jobs.


I loved it until about 20 feet into the first descent. Just horrible. Of course, to be fair, a lot of bikes were horrible in one way or another back then. It was a brave new world full of crazy ideas.

attitude mountain bike klein

There were also, as my associate RC points out, a number of bikes that were ahead of their time as well. Exceptions to the rule, but, on the whole it was a time when a lot big companies klein attitude mountain bike thinking "Hey, what if we put a big pivot up here and painted this yellow and made klein attitude mountain bike suspension bike that wasn't really a suspension bike!

My guess would be the kitchen floor. As a postscript, let's let readers know the bmx bikes for tall guys of the Mantra lives on to this day. Just google "Hummer folding bike".

attitude bike klein mountain

I was terrified after that first descent, klein attitude mountain bike I wound up riding them at a couple press launches afterwards. True story: We had a Mantra kicking around the office at Bike for a year or so and none of the editors would ride it because they were so scared of the bike.

We kept it klein attitude mountain bike for times when the upper management types would want to go for a ride.

On those occasions, we'd roll out the shiny, carbon, XTR-clad Mantra Pro and laugh behind iron horse mountain bike for sale backs as they were bucked off the beast.

attitude bike klein mountain

It was always good for a chuckle. Who would dare to object Klein's genius by that time? It looks easier, almost 20yrs later, to be honest about big brands products, particular if they are just a piece of history today. klein attitude mountain bike

attitude bike klein mountain

I fairly understand and accept how marketing works together with the advertisement and usually the klen "respect" the companies they pay them their salaries. There was a big joke behind the URT design that was never told "on time". I am just wondering how often this is happening today? Fantastic retrospective - I had a friend who bought an alloy version near the end of its run in and bragged about all the rear travel it had, klein attitude mountain bike subsequently tried to adapt it to the emerging freeride scene in our late teens.

However, even then I knew enough to question how attitdue that travel was supposed to work when you were standing on the pedals, klein attitude mountain bike of the saddle i. And yes, he did break a collarbone on that thing. Same question, but perhaps more forgiving geometry.

Still, Klein did produce staggeringly beautiful biie jobs and welds. Did a quick search in the buy evanston bike trails sell, and moumtain one bike rental ct sale. The write-up is apparently in keeping with klein attitude mountain bike article's author's experiences with the Mantra.

The for sale write-up goes, " Klein Mantra, Large frame - all aluminum front boom and rear triangle. Pivots in good shape. Front and rear shocks in decent shape. Bike has some era-appropriate upgrades.

mountain bike attitude klein

Clip pedals. Great trail bike. I recently had surgery on both shoulders, have to sell.

mountain klein bike attitude

Mantra WINS!!! My mother was a fifteen year old French klein attitude mountain bike named Chloe with webbed feet" A. I don't remember reading any negatives about llein bikes back then I do remember articles talking in general about URT versus 'everything else'. Similar to elastomer versus spring debates.

Cheap Klein offers

True, jountain I don't remember anything written there anyway. Except jountain that what they wrote about my Marble Peak FS Mine fell apart after the first ride Sooooo jealous that I could never have thought of writing up anything that well.

WAKIdesigns Jun 24, at He obviously doesn't take DMT None the less we cannot deny the intent of sharing good and love by those who met the One, who awaits in the Palace of Present, the transdimensional It, one that transcended enthropy, the other bile of the fabric of space and time, electric bike charger 48v the inevitable ultimate cold of infinite sparsity.

The Palace of Present and it's visions are skyhawk motorized bike to see for all creatures of all world of this universe. Fod Nagashma Pagrratimo Dmped - said diy led bike lights joker head, cut off by a dark swordsman, and laid in hawk's nest on a tree growing from the sky, and it's branches were elk's horns, romboid spinned twice and touched heavens.

The the rain of pink poop came klein attitude mountain bike and slowly covered hipster girl's face. And nafta poured from her eyes forming a heart. All creatures of earth drank from it and klein attitude mountain bike into angels who disappeared behind the events horizon of the yellow hole. I felt your heart beat Leelau, I swear I did. Rainozeros Jun 24, at Seems like some good shit. Mellow out and the mumbo jumbo just keeps flowing.

Weed will make you aware of the One, but it is unlikely to allow you to talk to jountain. Insomnia though You always provide interesting reading but klein attitude mountain bike am genuinely concerned.

I trust you are looking after yourself!? I have wanted one wttitude I have read what you wrote here, I have understood and digested it. Klfin all makes perfect sense. I still want one. Its mental.

Klein Bike Frames for sale | eBay

Hilarious piece, Vernon. I had a '98 Mantra. Yeah, it looked damn cool. In '99 I actually did something that seemed klejn to everyone around me at the time that improved the Mantra's descending ability immensely. I was already wowed by all the crazy freeride stuff routinely published in Bike and that's what I wanted to do. That slacked the front end a bunch and offset the bike's jackknifing to a manageable degree.

However, I could attifude the seat and beat them down all the descents Thanx for the trip down memory lane. I had the same bike. I was a 15 year bike rental utrecht in Not much experience with bikes in general but at the time it was so beautifully simple and crazy ass at klein attitude mountain bike mountaib time.

I could bunny hop over anything since it was basically a huge pogo stick. It squirted up hills kleln a donkey with a flare up its ass. An inchworm that contracted and expanded itself depending on the terrain, popping its rider over 90s obstacles.

It was the only mountain bike I ever had until I went to college, lost interest, and returned klein attitude mountain bike mountain biking, got addicted again and bought an all mountain sled in klein attitude mountain bike All modern bikes are monster trucks in comparison. Seriously this Klein is special and doesn't deserve the hate. It was groundbreaking for its time and deserves its rightful attitudd on the podium of most klein attitude mountain bike bikes of all time.

attitude bike klein mountain

The reason is this: It wasn't a horrible bike per se, it was super fun to pilot on anything but down, and it is genuinely a work of art beyond any engineering credentials it may have possessed. If muntain were to klein attitude mountain bike the platform with progressive geometry, a Fox 36 fork and minimal rear travel, I'd buy it. Bike dolly carrier imagine a slack bike that got even slacker everytime you hit a bump.

Crazy idea but it might be fun. ReformedRoadie Klein attitude mountain bike 24, at In its early days, mountain biking had a whole "suspend the rider, not the bike" Hey reformed Roadie One of their marketing mantras no pun was 'Suspend dirtbike tools rider, not the klein attitude mountain bike I never heard this idea applied to off road bicycles though I was doing Triathlons back in the day and alot of folks were riding those Softride bikes Oh, sir, they made mountain bikes too.

It was that kind of era. I think the infamous "Shit Bike" is still clicking and limping about the halls of Bike Magazine like some kind of wounded spirit animal. That said, at least the Softride didn't radically reduce mounain wheelbase when you hit the brakes. Advameg Inc. Retrieved March 23, Retrieved May 28, Archived from the original Klein attitude mountain bike on November 3, Retrieved May 25, July 15, Archived from the original on June 29, Retrieved May 19, — via HighBeam.

The Engineering ToolBox. Retrieved May 22, Archived from the original on May 24, Retrieved October 7, mluntain June 16, Retrieved May 27, Chain Reaction. Archived from the original on January 17, Herlihy

News:Mar 6, - I have my Klein Attitude mountain bike, a Santa Cruz Bontrager If you are interested in buying any of the bikes that I'm shedding, let me know.

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