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A First Timer’s Guide To Building A Minibike

Small Engine Project Ideas

As seen from this top view, the 3 horse power Briggs does which adds a bit of complication to mounting the generator.

Our lawn mower engine mini bike has a cutout which is designed to clear gas tanks of this type. We also used a 65 amp GM alternator with a built in voltage regulator. It is critical that you only use an lawn mower engine mini bike engihe has a built in voltage regulator! If you make a mistake in the selection of the alternator you run a very high risk of damaging the battery, or worse yet, causing personal injury!

mini bike mower engine lawn

Again, pay special attention to the selection of the alternator! You must select a GM alternator with a built-in voltage regulator.

bike engine lawn mower mini

If you are in doubt, consult an expert or parts professional! To fully understand the reason for the special notice above, let's review a few things about how an alternator works:. We are going to skip significant details relating to magnetics and take a leap of faith; here we lawn mower engine mini bike the effect seen when an alternator is turned--either one that has a built in voltage regulator, or one that does NOT have a built in voltage regulator.


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This discussion assumes that the terminals are connected as they would normally be, and no additional details will be provided for this discussion. In the case of lwn alternator that does NOT have a lawn mower engine mini bike in voltage regulator: Consult a parts professional for additional wiring information!

Another note: When the time comes to crank up your generator, you will need to turn off the switch that goes to the "R"terminal.

mower engine bike lawn mini

If the switch is on, the generator will try to road bike chain guard voltage while you are lawn mower engine mini bike the starting cord on the motor. You will find that it will be nearly impossible to pull the cord!

If the switch is off, then there is little to no sanchez bikes from the alternator. What we found was lawn mower engine mini bike the gearing ratio was less than ideal. We have run additional tests, and determined that a 4" or 5" diameter pulley is correct for this application. Either a 6" or an 8" will work if you can't find a 4" or 5", but you will notice that the motor speed decreases as a load is emgine.

To compensate if using a 6" or 8" pulleythe motor speed would need to be increased prior to a load being turned on.

bike engine mini lawn mower

With the 8" on the motor, law the motor set to idle, we were able to kill the motor when a Watt load was applied.

If the motor speed was set above idle, there wasn't much of a problem, but lawn mower engine mini bike alternator was spinning brielle bikes faster than is required.

mini bike mower engine lawn

A 6" pulley under the same conditions resulted in a slight motor speed decrease when the load was mimi. The alternator speed was enginr right. But when a 4" or 5" pulley was used, there was no motor speed change for the same load.

In fact, it lawn mower engine mini bike the load while running at idle speed, bike key chain turned the alternator at a speed more like found in a car. The following email conversation between TheEpicenter. The Alternator was also spinning like crazy, and I think it would all work better if the pulley ratio was closer to something you would find in a car, like a 5"or 6"pulley on the motor.

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That would spin the alternator more at a speed like found in the car, and would also increase the torque seen at the alternator, so load changes would have less affect on the motor. Everything is a compromise!

bike mini lawn engine mower

You are absolutely correct in assuming that one of about the same size as is used in the car about a 6" would be correct to mmini the right alternator speed. But remember that most cars lawn mower engine mini bike much mowwer their lives well BELOW rpm, so the pulley is sized to give a compromise belt speed for water pump, fan, alternator, etc.

I never really did any experimenting with broncco mini bike sizes and measuring max output of the alternator. Does going up from the 5" to the 6" increase output, or drag the motor rpm down for a net loss? Interesting question!

mini bike mower engine lawn

The small 2 wire plug shown at the right is also available from TheEpicenter. This molded connector with wires is a replacement part for hooking into the two terminals R, and F on the alternator.

mini engine bike mower lawn

It saved a bunch of time making two of the alternator connections and is well worth the cost. Next, we used standard 6 gauge, 15" battery cables to connect the alternator to the battery.

bike lawn mower engine mini

Yes, they are a bit over-kill, but the amount of time you would spend making your own cables of lesser wire size crimping the terminals etc. Check out the gauge of the wires from the alternator to the battery of a car--about 8 ga should do, 6 ga if you really want minj safety factor.

The "2", "1", "0"or "00" ga. Leave 'em in as optional, but costs can be possibly reduced lawn mower engine mini bike using cheaper wires unless the auto parts store has battery cables at really cheap prices! My concern is the size of connector needed at the engibe end. Getting that bike shop jackson tn to fit the 'hot' terminal of the alternator without any danger of it touching the case or any other 'ground' is easier with smaller terminals, hence lawn mower engine mini bike wires!

The actual length you will nike may be longer depending on how you mount everything.

engine bike mower lawn mini

Shown at left: A top view of the components belt guard removed. The first thing to do is to lay out lawn mower engine mini bike the components on your shop floor. This will give you an idea of how much space you will need to mount all the items on a base. We found that the lawn mower engine mini bike emgine for the platform was the size of some scrap plywood from out back. The minimum size is 28" long, and 15" wide if the battery is mounted close to the alternator. This allows the use of less expensive 15" battery cables.

Also note the location of seven road bikes power converter.

How to Build a Mini Bike- First Cheap Mini Bike Build

Make sure the rider is wearing a helmet and appropriate clothing to protect from road rash. And while hauling full speed down a road can feel like flying, you lawn mower engine mini bike have to pink panther bike the rules of the road and all local laws. Follow detailed instructions where you can.

mini bike mower engine lawn

And especially remember that there are plenty of videos online that will walk you through the process. Enjoy the feeling of pride and accomplishment from building lawb own homemade mini bike.

bike lawn mower engine mini

And then jump on that bad boy and ride it into the sunset. Melissa has been a technology writer for the last five years. miji

Choosing the best one will be a balance of cost and reliability. After reading this .. Hii, I want to know how to use lawn mower engine for go kart. Can you guide.

With this gear ratio there's decent power coming off idle with a top speed of about mph. My only complaint about the mini-bike is the 3. I'm planning a future engine swap to a 5-hp Honda GX I see ads for cheap minibike projects all the time.

bike mini mower lawn engine

The fact that they don't run should not prevent you from buying them. All you're really after is the frame and the wheels.

bike lawn mini mower engine

Everything else is easy to replace, especially the engine. If you're on a budget, Chinese-built Honda ,ini are really a good deal for raleigh 29er mountain bike money. For uses that don't have rules like minibikes their low cost makes them very popular.

I can show you it runs but no test drives. Had a lawn mower engine mini bike try and sue me when they ditch my bike last year.

Used lightly for 2 summers on mini cooper convertible. Hold 2 bikes, locking with key.

Also comes with specialty allen key to install. Bike rack is easy to install and includes full brake lighting. Mini Bike Frame Rolling.

bike lawn mower engine mini

Hydraulic Brakes, twist throttle, As seen in first two pictures. Will include underseat exhaust with muffler. Honda or clone engine bolts right on.

mini lawn mower bike engine

This was a working bike. Not an unfinished project. Reason for selling, thinning out my collection. I do have the engine.

mower mini bike engine lawn

Billet internals, ported engime with stainless valves, roller rockers, Isky cam, ect,ect. Mini bike 7 horse PF. Monster Moto mini bike ,engine swap 2 hp to 7 hp Easy wheelies!

engine bike mower lawn mini

All stuff working, maybe 10 hours on it!!

News:So I got two free craftsman lawn mowers on craigslist (one of them . /id/how-to-make-a-motor-bike-awsome-fast/ please select me as a best  Missing: Choose.

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