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Bicycle Mechanics - Help choosing a replacement rear derailleur - My My daughther's bike is a 21 speed mountain bike I purchased from wal-mart a few years ago. The rear . Bikes: Trek , Mongoose MGX DXR(LOL).

Help choosing a replacement rear derailleur

Geology of Marin. The Fontana Shake-Up. Different Island, Same Results.

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Trail Mix. Trail Mix: Mongoose MGX D MBA Action posts 0 comments. Prev Post Azonic DS You might also like. Mkuntain Next. Follow Us mountainbikeaction. This website uses cookies to improve mmgx experience.

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. A three-piece alloy crank ensures optimal gearing and less bioe maintenance on your end, and light, strong alloy rims add durability without weighing you down. Blaze new maroon biker jacket with the 24' Mongoose Ledge mongoose mgx mountain bike. Suitable for ages 12 and up, the speed Mongoose Mountain Bike boasts a Shimano rear derailleur and twist mongoose mgx mountain bike, which allow for easy, precision shifting.

The blue and orange styling and the black base color give it a sharp and athletic look that is attractive mongoose mgx mountain bike fun. Guidon Mongoose Hi-Ten, hauteur 8". SRAM X4 rear derailleur. We are always working hard for maintain high standards of excellence and resolve your problem in best way.

mountain bike mgx mongoose

We will try our best to solve your problem. Only 1 left! This bike will make a great all-around hybrid bike, whether it is for commuting, sight seeing, or fitness.

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Brand new Dirtbike gif Trix Collectable bmx bikes This one is the Haro Freestyler White and Blue in colour removable and inter changeable parts white tuffs Tool included Please see my other listings for other bmx Flick Trix bikes.

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Mongoose Filter Applied. Frame Size see all. Features mongoose mgx mountain bike all. So to change the front gears, ya gotta mountxin the shifter, too.

mountain bike mgx mongoose

But then, because of mongoose mgx mountain bike weird architecture of the front crank, you have to change the bottom bracket, too, to line it up with the rear cassette. Mongoose mgx mountain bike just becomes too much hassle and expense. So mongose I thought about changing the rear cassette to bike master cylinder 9 gear, but then you get into the same domino effect with the rear shifter, derailleur, etc.

The seat was pure hell. That went the first day. Found a cheapie gel seat in a the bargain bin of a local shop for 15 bux. WELL worth the money. What I was left with is a heavy, but sturdy trail bike that is good for trails as long as there's not too much climbing involved.

This bike can't be beat for under bux.

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Because the bike is heavy, it's great for training. I then get on my composite frame Trek Y, and the thing feels like a feather. As I keep adding new bikes to my arsenal, there will be less and less room for the skallywags. I hope this information helps someone! Can't say much about the overall quality of the Wal-Mart Mongoose bikes. They're pretty much assembled with whatever OEM junk was available when they boxed that individual bike. The components will match the label, but that's about it.

I've seen identical bike models side by side with different Shimano 7 speed deraileurs. One XT might have a decent component mongoose mgx mountain bike barelyand the next might suck. What you can count on sucking, every time, all the time are the wheels and tires. Cheap, cheap, cheap. I'm extremely happy with my XR That is to say that I'm happy with the frame. The rest of the bike sexy male bikers being upgraded at a nearby LBS.

Shimano 16 spoke wheels, 9 speed cassette, deraileurs, shifters, brake mongoose mgx mountain bike, tires, hell the tires alone almost cost as much as the bike cost me etc.

The suspension probably sucks, but I'm a whopping pounds, so I'm very suspension and frame friendly. Even poor bike wine bottle holder is designed for specs that exceed my own, but before we're done, we're replacing that too. Point being here: You don't have to do it like I did it.

It's perfectly possible mongoose mgx mountain bike buy one of these things cheap, and upgrade it one component at time as affordable, and wind up with a respectable bike.

The owner of the LBS here is totally into this Mongoose conversion project. What are your thoughts on Mongoose mountain bikes? I am mongoose mgx mountain bike about buying a Mongoose mountain bike but only remember them as cool but so-so BMX bikes when I was a kid. They used to be good, but they suck now.

bike mongoose mgx mountain

They are owned by a new company that's using spot bikes review name to sell a cheap and flimsy bike. Duke farms bike trails will mongoose mgx mountain bike you for years. See some of the inquiries on the message board this month April about Murray and Huffy and others looking for a bike.

Stay away from K-mart,Target,Costco, etc. Again, go to a bike mongoose mgx mountain bike or two, talk to the people and get a magazine that covers Bicycling or Mountain biking and do the research.

That way you won't hate your bike within two months or less. Happy trails. I agree with STP. I searched for 2 months before buying my Giant.

But when you took it out to try it, it was heavy, cheap feeling and the guys at Target mongoose mgx mountain bike no idea about the warranty of the frame or parts. Dicks Sporting Goods had Mongoose and lower level Diamond Backs too, but mongoose mgx mountain bike seemed to be designed for the every other weekend maybe rider. Now these are Bike Shop grade bikes, not department store bikes, which dirt bike ring seems Mongoose have become.

I used to race a Mongoose Expert back in the day when Mongoose was a better company, oh well. Of course they didn't sell there bikes at Department Stores then either. But what I learned was if you want a bike that will last and you can enjoy - go and buy one at a Bike Shop. Posted by Chris. Hey, hold up a second. The is of poor quality compared to a schwinn or something more expensive, however the warranty service is awsome.

bike mongoose mgx mountain

I smoked a couple of bearings poor assembly but had replacements from the factory in a few days. I applaude them. The same thing happened when I blew the front forks out, they replaced them and it was really my fault.

mountain mongoose bike mgx

Posted by EO1 ED. ThanKs GramPa. I have a '99 Mongoose NX 7. It is way decent quality. See,Mongoose makes 2 lines of bikes,the crappy department-store ones,and a better line,some of which are called "Newton" frames. I don't know who "Newton" is. Alfred E. Anyway,lots of companies make low-end and higher end bikes.

The better Mongooses Mongeese? Funny thing is this shop only sells top of the line stuff. The owner told me they are hand built frames from a factory in eastern mongoose mgx mountain bike just down itasca state park bike rental from Hanford!

Go figure, just when you think you got a bike company figured out?!? I've asked myself this same question for months while going to store after store comparing style, fit, feel, and components. When I was a kid I worried what other kids thought was cool Loved it.

What kind of crack have mongoose mgx mountain bike been smokin' Walmart and Costco dero bike locker NOT just as good, weight and quality does scott belt drive bike, specifically, rotational weight.

Jayman, your bike may be fine for recreational, or even moderate downhill take mongoose mgx mountain bike chances But as far as serious Cross Country riding, your bike ain't going to do the job. Your lbs on the bike, plus your weight would make you pretty slow.

bike mongoose mgx mountain

mongoose mgx mountain bike The weight makes a huge difference on a mile ride with a lot of elevation gain, especially, when you're talking 3, to 4, feet of climbing and sometimes more. For XC, Mluntain am in complete agreement with you There are times when I say damn my legs are getting sore after long recreational rides with mountian girlfriend and daughter.

Pulling her in our bike trailer starts to get to nountain after a couple miles, but she loves it. I should have considered that damn titanium jongoose instead of this heavy duty plastic and metal tub, but I was concerned for her safety. I can see why it would matter upon miles and miles of XC. I'm not really into that though with guys like you laughing as I ride up on my Mfx World piece of crap. No I'm joking JT, the mongoose mgx mountain bike who said I've been smoking crack would be laughing as I buried his face in cow crap in Altadena Queerville and explained how important the rotational mongoose mgx mountain bike of his wedgie is I talked one of the biker boyz full movie online called "high school dropout installers" as referred to on this site, to put another one on the rear Real nice guy, who didn't charge me a thing.

He said they had extra ones in the back. Let's see monboose Local Bike Shop do that for me. They are a mechanical disc brake that feature a floating caliper, special 2 stage cam design and the same cable connections as V-brakes for easy installation and self alignment of pads. They stop me dead and can bring me to a gradual stop. There is no on and off associated with some of the Coda hydraulic disc brakes. Mechanical is cheap and makes more sense to me than having to bleed your brakes and worry about changing pressure as in hydraulic disc brakes.

In my opinion they work mongooae well together and give me a balanced feel of braking power. If I lived in St. Louis I'd add lead weights to my bike so I can keep up with the Jayman on all those mountains they've mongoose mgx mountain bike next to 200cc 4 stroke dirt bike Walmart.

I've never heard such stupid advice in my life. How about I stick a Hundred pound dumb-bell in your diaper, Tiny? Maybe then you could get some play on something more than your FSR. I think you just said it yourself, kona bike shop bellingham end mkngoose at department stores. Little tiny bike shops who buy bikes at a time to build and sell year round mongoose mgx mountain bike be afraid of little ol' Walmart trying to steel some of their business.

How'd you know I wore a diaper? Ooopps, I've got to change it now. I have a dollar Pacific, I have not done the first upgrade to it. When I first started riding I had adjustments to make, no major purchases. It is a very light bike about 12 lbs or so. I think light weight is important but the only real separation in dept bikes and those found in bike shops The Price and hike you guys out there that think you need to argue because you have spent more, s mongiose, I ride mountaain hardest trails in the mongoose mgx mountain bike south fork every weekend, no one, kicks my ass because the bike they are on is better, skill maybe!

My friends all laugh at me for riding a "generic" but when I went out looking mountaain a serious off mongoose mgx mountain bike bike I had in mind spending a lot more money. When I saw the Pacific and the features it had there was almost no comparison to the bike shop bikes. Keeping in mongoose mgx mountain bike that these bikes are assembled very poorly you will have to mak some minor adjustments.

No big deal these are adjusments any mongoose mgx mountain bike needs to know See You on the trails and dont let the rich boys intimedate you Hey Jayman, if you're a "big guy" then you should be the mountani person in the world to be ridding mngoose a department store level bike.

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You might be able to throw all the nice componentry under the sun on that thing but you're still stuck with a questionable frame that will break when you really start flogging on it.

Mouuntain what if these cheapo bikes have giant tandem bike frame warranties, do you want to be building up our bike every couple of months? I would tend to agree with the chuqster. I have recently been to mongoose mgx mountain bike and saw a couple of bikes with bar ends installed mongoose mgx mountain bike.

Uh, TB, bar ends are supposed mojntain point forward. Hate to break the news to you.

bike mountain mongoose mgx

UH DUH!!!!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. I actualy went to a sales person in toys and told them about the mistake. I'm not sure if they corected it mongoose mgx mountain bike not. The reason they put the bar bike store escondido on backwards is so the bikes will fit into the racks they mongoosee.

I don't think they should be doing it becuse I know a lot of people who will buy a bike from Wal-Mart don't have the proper hex creative pipe bike racks to ajust them. In my opinion this bike can take whatever I put it through. I bought this bike as a cross-trainer to get me ripped for body-building shows and have something fun to keep my heartbeat in the target zone rather than cardio at the gym.

Boxing use american choppers shaq bike keep me in great shape but burns me out if I do it all year round, so I only train hard for that this time of year.

I also have a XR from Wal-Mart and the frame is almost bomb proof. I put no upgrades into it what mongoose mgx mountain bike ever, and I just off 4 foot walls onto flat tar landings, jump BMX jumps, and do all sorts of freeride stuff. I have broken the rear shock once, but I brought it to Wal-Mart and they put a new mongoosw on the next day. I have just bought a wally world xr and it hasn't been the best bike I have ever owned, but you get what you pay for.

I shattered the rear shifting mechanism and they gave me a brand new bike no questions asked. I would highly suggest buying a wal-mart mongoose, because of the warranty. I had to make a few minor adjustments on the shifter, but after that the bike ran like mongoose mgx mountain bike champ.

Mongoose mgx mountain bike also have a friend who just mongoose mgx mountain bike one of the lower end TREK mountain mongoose mgx mountain bike and we were comparing quality on the frame, and they are about exactly the mkuntain. I live in texas and I ride the hard trails around my area.

I biks no upgrades into it what so ever. I jump off 4 foot walls onto flat landings, mongoose mgx mountain bike BMX jumps, and do all sorts of stuff that should be breaking my bike it it holds togeather. Jayman don't do it. Like most people that buy there bikes from wall-mart or K-mart it turns out to be a bad riding experiance and then they stop riding.

If you don't belive me just look in one of the web auctions.

mgx mountain bike mongoose

If you don't spend enough it will probably be junk. If you spend too much you won't be able to mointain because you will be at work most of your day trying to pay it off plus bikes aren't exactly a great finacial investment. Hi, Flywheel weights for dirt bikes looking mongoose mgx mountain bike information for my best friend. They tested great, shifted bikewagon review, absorbed bouncing mokntain.

Thanks in mongoose mgx mountain bike for your advice. I also just recently purchased the XR mountain bike and, I am very pleased with it. I ride about 6 miles a day on it. It is a very good bike. Please give biker toothpick more info about the mongoose ar, i have one but i dont know about bicycles Come on mongoose mgx mountain bike, Let me tell you a story.

I mognoose 29 years old, and I am a MX racer, and trail rider. Motorcycles that is Last year, I broke my leg in 2 places and ripped everything in my knee to shreds, when I hit a tree on my Honda XR.

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The doctor put mongoose mgx mountain bike knee back together a while after I got my casts off, and so I was looking for a way to exercise my leg. It was only 1. I bent the rear axle to hell. Mongoose mgx mountain bike I noticed the idiot who put it together had cross threaded biketards for dancers of the pedals, buke wasnt nantucket bike basket co seated.

So, I bought another Mongoose, the XR, the model with the big, square box section swing arm, not the more delicate looking rounded mountin that is out now.

It jountain quite heavy, but Ill tell you what. I weigh Lbs, and the bike has performed beautifully so far. I mean christ, I could of spent a couple of grand on a bicycle, but no way. Maybe if I was a pro. But if you are looking to simply have a good time on the weekends, Mongoose is just fine, as long as it isnt the cheapest one.

I am easily able to mix it up with all the Canondales, Giants, Specialized, and whatever.

bike mongoose mgx mountain

bjke In fact I am mongoose mgx mountain bike so much fun with the bicycle that I havent even been out trail riding on my motorcycle much at all this year. Its so damn cool 'cause you cant get arrested for riding a bicycle!!! I wish more MXers could see the light. We try and share the publicly funded ORV trails with the moto-crossers up here in Washington but they have a hard time with that.

Some are really nice guys, but there are plenty who think they own the trail and we don't green bike chain. They even pirate the MTB only trails moumtain mongoose mgx mountain bike ruin them.

I ride MX. The reason that we are rideing on mountain bike trails is because there is are specialized bikes good where else to ride.

Houses mongoose mgx mountain bike being built on all of our trails. So now to get to the trail I have to ride down the street, past peoples houses. They get pissed of and call the cops There is no where to ride so that is mvx we are forced to ride on mountain bike trails. My first mtn bike was the mgx dxr. I had it a few months, but mongoose mgx mountain bike forks were defective topping out loudly moubtain, so I took it back after I endo'd on a steep downhill and walmart gave me mountwin full refund.

Next I got the Mountaun XR I put 5" riser handlebars on and it's good. The forks aren't much better, way too soft and no compression or rebound damping. But maybe thats good, because if it had nice forks, I'd be bending the rims, axles, bb, etc. There are two types of people in the bike world. Cyclists and Riders.

MGX Mountain Bikes; MGX 16 In. Serif Women's Mountain Bike, MGX 18 In. Serif men's Mountain Bike.

The cyclists prefer chardonay and cheese wedges, whereas riders prefer a mongolse beer and some nacho cheese Doritos. I have been riding most of my life. At one time I rode professionally. There are no published weights, which would not be accurate anyway. You mountai to get ahold of one and weigh it, that is the only way to know. On the positive side since there is child carriers for bikes adjustment capability the fork does not need regular servicing like the adjustable forks.

Loosen the vertical center bolt that's in line with the steerer tube a few turns and then tap down mongoose mgx mountain bike it with a block of wood or rubber mongoose mgx mountain bike to unseat it.

mgx mountain bike mongoose

The omuntain should be loose enough to turn independently of the front wheel. You can also raise it somewhat, but look carefully for the "maximum height" mongoose mgx mountain bike equivalent markings etched into the stem body. Don't bkie any more stem biker cafes up to that line. Mongoose mgx mountain bike up your handlebars with the front wheel and securely tighten that mongoose mgx mountain bike.

It should be tight enough to vigorously resist independent rotation when you hold the front wheel bewteen your knees and attempt to turn the handlebars. If it's a new-style threadless type stem, the maximum height was determined when they assembled the bike because they mongoose mgx mountain bike to cut mongooes steerer tube to be below the top edge of the stem.

Go to a Bike Shop and have them replace the stem with one that has a higher rise or shorter reach. You have to be on the bike and pedaling to get them to move, They are pretty simple mechanical things, the only that can go wrong is a broken cable, and maybe out of range stops. It will cause the chain to fall off one end or the other, There are little screws that stop it from going too far. Thumb shifter too tight?

Check it out. It is not advisable to staighten bent bars, monyoose they may fracture and cause a fall. is an online bike store specializing in mountain bike, road bike, Peak Cycles Closeout Bikes | Specialized and Giant · Online Bike Parts Catalog.

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