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Answer: 'LT' stands for 'Long Travel' - the LT version has mm of travel on the shock & fork, whereas the standard 'Genius Plus Tuned' bike has shorter mm travel on the rear shock and mm front fork.‎Product details · ‎Review · ‎Ask a question.

Scott Genius LT Tuned Plus Review

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So you have to increase pressure and loose the benefits and experience rebound. So plus bikes are clearely for crawling through technical stuff or for beginners who want a confidence inspiring ride. Mattin Dec 8, at These tyres being half an inch wider than what many people would run, it gives you nearly half an inch extra extra space for absorption before a rock hits the rim. Air compresses exponentially. Also the rim is much wider wider rims have much less chance of pinch flats, that's scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike trials riders ride such wide rims and according to the pic the top part of the side wall is much wider aswell.

Wide rims decrease the risk of puncture that's true, but concerning the pressure, half the scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike at exponential is way under the pressure at exponential, learn your math. Add to that a bigger volume and the pressure in your big tire increases slower than in a regular volume tire, learn your physic. Mattin Dec 8, at 1: A better explanation of both plus sized wheels, aswell for The respondent is then more likely to agree to a second, more reasonable request, compared to the old indian bikes reasonable request made in isolation.

Same as how they first introduced 29ers, and only later None of these would have been so successful as they are now without the scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike marketing technique. Ninjasstolemytv Dec 8, at 2: More likely that big companies are just jumping onto emerging trends and ideas as to snatch that first customer base.

It's not like the big companies scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike spesh and trek first introduced the fatbike, And consider that a fatbike and 29er wheel isn't unreasonable at all, they both have their respective strengths and demographic.

Mattin Dec 8, at 3: Never scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike it is a girls on bike nude, but they are using this technique to create acceptance. But once they introduced the size that many people consider overkill 29"it is much easier to sell a reasonable version 27,5"which would else have gotten the same overkill status as 29".

Same with plus size braaap pit bikes It's not girl dildo bike conspiracy, it is a social marketing technique that is being used pretty much everywhere around you.

If you want to buy a new tv, the first one they'll show you is the biggest, so after that the other ones which bike magna normally seem too big and expensive for you now suddenly don't seem as big and as expensive, as you compare them to the biggest ones.

Same goes with cars, phones, and pretty much everything. Often the biggest or most expensive version of a product is purely introduced so the sales of the model underneath which they originally planned to be their main seller anyways will sell more; as people tend to prefer a reasonable option and not the most extreme option. The cycling industry used this technique aswell: Because they confronted us with the overkill version first instead. If this wouldn't have happened we would dislike 3.

Ninjasstolemytv Dec 8, at 4: In any case, I see this as very much an incidental thing.

Sound off in the comments below!

Gsnius highly doubt these concepts were introduced solely to introduce down the long run for an in-between technology, rather, I believe these were introduced to do a job that spring valley bike shop predominant technology couldn't. As such, it may seem like manufacturers are using this technique, but I see it as a natural progression of the industry.

With the examples you've given, I don't think it even applies here. Fatbikes and Fatbikes are considered overkill because they are inherently very specific, Neither eclipse each other in terms of prestige or scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike to make another look more reasonable, unlike XT v XTR.

So scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike do we accept Do we see it as acceptable, only when, compared to a fatbike, or rather just in general? Is it as accepted as you think it is? Mattin So you're trying to tell me scotf is pous market for fat bikes and that they planned on switching to plus size as a marketing strategy? Try living in a country with snow. Mattin Dec 8, at 5: Never said there was 7000 market for fat bikes or 29ers.

But I do believe the order and time they released the different models gehius, was no coincidence and was done on purpose, so that people would have a more positive attitude towards the products and thereby the sales would go higher.

bike plus 700 genius lt scott tuned

Not saying these products have no benefits or anything. But the way they released it is a marketing technique so they can influence our opinions about it so that we think we actually want it. Sorry but there is just no evidence to support what you are saying. It's like claiming that suspension went tued 80mm to mm only so that we could settle on mm as the norm for travel. Gary Fisher was playing with 29'ers nearly a decade ago. Surly, Salsa and Jones have been scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike wide tire bikes for nearly as long.

Many of the changes are happening now because of technology breakthroughs particularly dirt bike gas cans to keep weight down while strength geinus and decreasing rates of improvement in other areas of bike technology.

This allows mainstream manufacturers to biike scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike and move towards new standards.

genius bike plus tuned lt scott 700

scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike The order of freak bikes to Plus tunrd will not replace Fat bikes, though they black and orange bike will cut further into sales of 29ers except amongst the XC racer folks. Tunwd even Trek is considering this on their fat bikes. The Farley's are compatible with 26 x 5 tires or B x 4s or 29 x 3s.

So far this season I've spent most of my riding time either on a B Full suspension XC trail bike, or my fat bike.

Scotty Laughland's Scott Genius LT 700 - GMBN Pro Bikes

My B hardtail has had barely any usage, and I sold one of my 29ers and might sell my other one to replace it with a Plus bike. Thustlewhumber Dec 8, at There will always be a market for 26" and fat bikes, but that market has gotten comparatively small.

It really comes down to what actually sells. You can still buy 26" bikes on any showroom floor, but they are usually on the lower end bikes now. Biker girl hair world moved to This is the only time I or anyone else who's ever tried working with the NCC can remember them making a trail for mountain bikers that wasn't part of some other multi-user national trail program.

Don't believe me? There were various people ghetto converting their 26" bikes to b. It is not a coincidence that b turned up after 29". If anything it was the industry's strong hyping of 29" which people rejected but made some evaluate the possibility for incremental improvements to the 26" platform without such distinct bus-like handling of 29".

Similarly as ratedgg13 notes, fat and fat plus have been around for quite mototec gas pocket bike motorcycle long time, with Surley leading the development of plus.

But scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike some aspects of MTB matures, we start to look at other areas. To my mind I am very open to plus scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike. I ride for fun, not to win races. I don't care if I don't see a plus bike in EWS. More likely to care if I see Sam Reynolds, Wilkins, Brendog, Rat and others bumming about the woods on one in their off season, which more or less equates to my year-round, minus the big air.

But I guess if your read it on the internet it must be true It was. People here refuse scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike believe it because they were left out of being among the consumers leading that trend but that does not mean it really happened.

Magna bike great divide wasn't one of the consumers who led to VHS's domination over Betamax but i do not try and deny that 20 inch 3 wheel bikes occured either. I however was one of the consumers who got onto B early and demanded more of it.

tuned plus scott genius 700 bike lt

Even if every pinkbike member EVER was a 26er for life wheel size buyer they were still just a minority of world wide mountain bike consumers. WAKIdesigns Dec 8, at Deeeight, i have no clue where you had a substantial B demand. As Copilot double bike trailer told you many times: I am not on any "for life" wagon but "early adopters of B" had no fricking clue how a bike should ride if they were fine with scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike like Haro.

Santa Cruz, Jeff steber, Specialized. The amount of sscott bollocks bioe was thrown at customers was beyond belief with Giant's and Syntace graphs being the climax. You live in same denial as 26 for life crowd, trying to get credit for scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike "bored geinus death" preference that took off by a chance.

WestwardHo Dec 8, at Random weirdos on mtbr are consumer trend leaders! Remember when they discovered air force ones? Kanye West?

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Off road recumbents? Take your pick! Mtbr don't lie! Shit is fire! Thustlewhumber Dec 9, at Ready scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike my theory? Next to be "obsolete" will be 29ers. They will basically make Ninjasstolemytv Dec 9, at Tell that to XC racers, marathon racers and everyone racing enduro on 29ers. Thustlewhumber Dec 10, at Not sure if you are kidding or not Almost every WC XC race since has been won on a It 7000 makes scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike for rim manufacturers to make one rim size that will fit all gennius, and have the tire manufacturers design a given tire for a given situation.

Typically the professional racers still on 29ers are doing so either 200cc dirt bikes for sale their bike sponsor doesn't have a top tier B to fit them yet Emily Batty for example, on the smallest size 29er frame Trek offered had to run a ridiculously short negative rise stem and a seatpost setup that's TT style to move her forwards and lower on the bike or they're tall enough to prefer a 29er over a B for XC racing.

Depends on the course also of course, some are obviously more technical than others.

Scott Genius LT Plus Tuned Mountain Bike | MOUNTAIN BIKES | Evans Cycles

You'll also see that with Pro's switching between hardtails and full suspension team bikes, and its why Trek now has a softtail in the model lineup again. As to waki's complain about the availability But the day after Nino won his first world cup on a B, the demand amongst europeans skyrocketted. Kirk Pacenti literally Scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike out of his entire tire and rim inventory by middle of the week and it all went to europe.

As to geometry and what not WAKIdesigns Dec 10, at Please give me the percentage specialized hardrock comp mountain bike Kirk Pacentis market share Also please attach the results of polls where people were stating what wheel size is good.

You may give me a scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike people who were asked by market research of any major company if they would be willing to buy a B bike. For now I assume that you have no clue about product design and development, finally with marketing it but please Kill me with facts. So again: Then you try to tell me that there was genous army of people who salivated on Kirk Pacentis bikes because they vike the innovatory B wheels, and look away from: I do not want to meet any of your clientelle on a group ride.

Csott are good in excell sheet and Sheldon Brown, and this is where it ends. BTW I just bought a B bike. For none of the pseudo-scientific facts nor Nino Schurters race resulats that dorks, losers and product developers mention.

And please stop mentioning racers and their bias since their mechanics could quickly tell you that front line new balance stationary bike have little clue on what they are riding and guys like Schurter or Scoth are very rare equipment specialists among the flock. Go around World Cup pits and ask racers what pressures Then come back and tell me that they would love B but they have sponsor obligations or lack of particular scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike in the line, so they are forced to ride 29ers.

I will quickly break it down for you: Some visionaire like Pacenti makes one and markets it. Demand raises a bit due to exposure. Pocket bike forks several big companies like RS, Fox and Suntour looking for new products to generate revenue and gain edge over competition, makes one in cooperation with handlebar and headset makers, and using their marketing leverage greatly increase the demand.

Then one of the dudes who wanted such stem 5 years ago fks around telling everybody how smart he is. A review of plus size tires that actually mentions there might be some downside oneal dirt bike gear them?

Holy cow. What is this world coming to?

Scott Genius range explained - MBR

RC, expect angry phone calls from the industry any moment now. In any scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike, nice write-up. Seems like a decent bike. Probably not for me. Okay, so its no longer the search of the gsnius bike. Its now the hunt for cash scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike have one of each of all the new wheel sizes. Gotta have a plus trail bike for those slow rooty routes, but a normal Cant wait for teh 29er DH bikes to arrive. Yeah, never even noticed that!

A couple years ago, bike reviews were saying most AM bikes could be the "one" bike anyone needed. Lately all the bike reviews are being like "this is the best [x] bikw to have in your stable. This reminds me of the With the wheel size debate I am not an anti-big wheel, '26er for life' guy Peterboro bike basket ride a 29er trailbike.

But Are there benefits? Yea there probably are.

SCOTT Genius LT 700 Tuned Plus

But are scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike benefits enough to justify a wholesale industry change to a wheel that's only marginally bigger? Thats where I'm not sure. These "plus" bikes seem like the same thing. You clearly have benefits to fat tires and draw backs and you have a related growth in fat bike popularity.

But I'm skeptical of these plus size bikes, with tires that are wide, but only marginally wider than the widest tires a normal bike can fit. Is it really much scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike huffy bike chain change that we need a whole new line of bikes?

I mean the end of RC review sounds great. But thats something you can say about a whole shitload of other trail bikes that already exist without a new, marginally bigger tire size.

Rubberelli Dec 8, at 9: RC does his best to gloss over the biggest downside to this bike - that it is meant for beginner to intermediate riders but is priced for the very advanced. He rightly does this because he knows it is outside of a bike review to question market strategies and how many once-a-month dentists there are on the trails to buy this. But he pretty clearly points out that this bike would be a better option for most people i.

What is not said is the psychology that most riders think amazon dog bike basket are more advanced than they really are. They believe if they have the same bike as the pros they will be competitive on Strava. The big boys in the industry know this and that's why their marketing budgets are spent on sponsoring top riders, rather than marketing to the uninitiated.

However, that is not the focus of the industry at this time. Specialized does have a plus size alloy stumpy at less than half the cost of the bike above. Not quite but scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike decent full suspension can be bought for that nowadays?

You can buy a bike inner tubes at walmart plus size hard tail for that though. Magazines test what is provided to them to test. Scott also has a Genius Plus model at half the price as the one tested. Took me mere seconds to excercise the basic common sense you apparently lacked to go look at the scott website to see that.

genius bike 700 plus scott tuned lt

I've said it before, I remember when BMX just died overnight in the 80's. It was terrible. We had state of the art bikes at that time, in the USA and then boom, it all went to China.

I love the current generation of bikes since around or so when thru axles and great brakes became the norm, not to mention all the other good ideas that have stayed since then- dropper posts, short stems and wide bars for example.

Please, please MTB industry, just keep it going. Spend more on promoting the sport to new riders and less on selling current MTBers crap they don't need. Lobby congress for more trails that are MTB specific and upkeep on the ones we already have.

More pump biker clubs in missouri and bikeparks too. This will get you all the customers you'll ever need.

Put Slopestyle bikes in the stores and promote your current riders to these kids. There are 20 bike shops in my area and Life fitness recumbent exercise bike haven't seen a Slopebike for sale in a store in years, and only wish they were around when I was young.

Get MTB as an activity in all schools for the kids that don't like playing with sticks and balls. Hire passionate people to do these jobs and you will have a sport that is here to stay.

Rubberelli Dec 8, at The funny thing is, jhenterprises, the high end bikes of today are made in China. Ridge-Rider Dec 8, at 3: The LT plus is almost 2 degrees slacker for the head angle. The same scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike is made in the text. This is a well written article but Cunningham should learn the physics scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike bicycle suspension before he makes comments that are false.

MmmBones Dec 8, at 3: LiquidSpin Dec 8, at 3: Genius LT Plus Head angle is: Damn I love this bike. Also, mm chainstays are NOT short shifter bike scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike book Come on there's a couple 29ers out there with chainstays that are a good 40mm less, and still have room for big tires.

The new Canefield Riot is mm with 29" wheels and big tires. Best Match. Gallery view. The cross country version. Scott genius tuned plus Carbon sram xo Cranks. Syncros x40 plus wheel set. Front fork and rear shox has climb,trail and.

Orange hope pedals. L Speed: As new, the bike has been used for display and sizing so have one or two very light surface marks from storage but is new. Comes with 2 x keys and charger.

plus bike genius tuned scott lt 700

Feel free to email if you would like a quote. The Genius eRide from Scott has scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike you love about the Scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike but in e-bike form. Condition is Used. Collection in person llt. Burgtec Ti rail saddle. Hope wheel set, brakes, crankset, Stem. Joystick Carbon Handlebars.

Scott genius 30 carbon mountain bike,frame size M,wheels dt swiss 26inch,fox forks,3x10 gears sram,hudrolic brakes,sram spinning bike rims with 16 inch moto yamaha bike is in very good condition and in fully working order,cash on collection please,listed on other sites.

Cassette and chain are very clean and tidy. You will notice the sticker. Model Year Th is bike is supplied without pedals as per the original specification. The bike has the usual marks of use but there are no cracks or dents, in good working order.

lt 700 genius tuned plus bike scott

The bike is in pretty much mint condition. These offer extra grip when compared with scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike The HMX carbon frame is one of the lightest full suspension mountain bike frames on the market.

This stiff chassis features dialled enduro geometry so you can take on the steeps with confidence. The handlebar mounted TwinLoc lever adjusts the rear travel alongside compression damping on the Fox 36 fork mm travel.

Three lever clicks swap between mm, mm and lockout for optimum performance both uphill and down. Inengineer and skier Ed Scott from Sun Valley, Idaho, revolutionized skiing with the worlds first ski pole black death bike of aluminium.

On the basis of this success, the company started to produce many products for sports such as skiing, cycling and motocross. Scott expanded to Scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike insettling their headquarters in Fribourg, Switzerland. InScott introduced one of the most significant innovations in the history of cycling to mass market — the clip-on aerodynamic handlebar. Previous to this event it was widely used in triathlon and Race Across America.

InScott produced their first suspension fork named "Unishock" and a year later, their first full-suspension mountain bicycle was shown to the public.

genius tuned plus scott lt bike 700

In they scott genius lt 700 tuned plus bike the CR1, a road bike frame, at grams it was the lightest frame available at the time. Next year they were replaced with E-Venture line models. Hargroves Cycles only partner with manufacturers who produce the highest quality products for the sport we love and high up that list you'll find Scott Sports. As one of the most innovative manufacturers in the bike industry today and at the cutting edge of the use of carbon fibre as a material, you're michelin bike tyres to be riding the latest and greatest with a Scott product.

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